Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Henry tries carrots!

After a couple of weeks of cereal, Henry was ready for his next food. I had read somewhere that if you give babies veggies first, it will help them to like veggies a bit more than if you start them on fruits first. With me as him mom (I hate veggies, unfortunately!), Henry needed all the help he could get! Fortunately for Henry, James LOVES his veggies so at least we have a shot of Henry liking them too! So I decided today that Henry was ready for some carrots. I wish I could have gotten some pictures but the video says it all. Enjoy!

This is just a cute video of Henry laughing. I had to sneak up on him because once Henry sees the camera, it's all over. James is making some faces and Henry is just loving it. I LOVE this laugh!

This last video I meant to put up with my Thanksgiving post but totally forgot that I even took it. Here are all three babies playing together, peacefully for the most part :)

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