Friday, November 19, 2010

Sitting up is hard to do!

They say that sitting up is hard to do. Now I know, I know that it's true! Sorry, I couldn't resist ;) Henry has been hard at work practicing sitting everyday and he has gotten pretty good at it! Where before he would sit for a few seconds, wobble and fall, now he can sit for a long period of time and if he wobbles, most of the time he can regain his balance. He does still fall occasionally but it is usually forward because he is reaching for a toy and he will catch himself with his hands. I took a bunch of pictures today cuz he was doing so good! There was a Boppy behind him, not supporting him, but there just in case he falls while I am taking a million pictures :)

Henry also has been working on "crawling." He actually likes being on his belly for tummy time now. So much so that his poor little elbows and knees are getting all red and irritated from all his practicing. He does not crawl forward at all yet. But he does get up on his hands and knees and does the cutest little inchworm move I have ever seen! Here are some pics of it.
These pictures don't do him justice so of course, there is a video! :) This was from the end of the day. Right before Henry gets ready for bed, I take him in to our bedroom so we can cuddle before bedtime. He is usually all sleepy and cuddly but tonight he wanted to play still. I'm slightly embarrassed to have my sloppy unmade bed on here for all to see but hey, it is what it is. The video is slightly long... again, sorry!

Ok one more. This was from a bit earlier tonight when Henry was being a little fussy. He really, REALLY likes to look at himself in the mirror, I hope this doesn't mean anything! So I took him in to the bathroom where there is a big mirror and multiple places for him to see himself. He just loves it! Watch at your own risk, he is very loud! I have NO idea where he gets that from ;)

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Mary said...

What a ham...he likes the camera! He looks right at it : )