Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving weekend was quite busy and fun! Here are some random pictures from the event.

Henry has started eating solids... well cereal at least. So we decided it was time for him to sit in his high chair for the first time. I think he thought it was a ride. Look at him hold on!
This is fun :)
Mmmm, oatmeal!
We started our day pretty early, Henry gets up around 5:30 these days, fun! So after he got dressed and ate his oatmeal we headed out to my parents house first. By the time we got there, Henry was ready for a nap. Henry missed church Thanksgiving morning because he was napping. When he woke up, we drove out to see James's family. Most of his family was there, including all but two of his siblings, that's saying something because there are ten of them altogether! So we tried to get a group picture. James and I are over to the far left, James's parents are on the far right and in between are James's brothers, sisters and all of their kids. Holy Stoners Batman!! ;)
Back to my parents place for dinner, but first Henry needed to browse all the Black Friday specials with his daddy!
I think I want this one daddy!
Henry and cousin Sean getting to know each other.
Henry trying some mashed potatoes.
As you can see, he was not a big fan.
Group picture time! Here are the little boys. Henry on the left, Sean in the middle and Caleb on the right.
After dinner, it was playtime!
It was way funny to have all three babies playing on the floor. Especially since Henry and Caleb don't get around quite as well as Sean who is crawling now. Sean would just crawl on over and take any toy he wanted, but Henry and Caleb didn't seem to mind... yet.
Henry is practicing his sitting while Sean and Caleb play with his rolly ball.
We were at my mom's for less than 24 hours and this is just SOME of the stuff we took!
Henry was so tired after his trip to SV that he came home and took a 3 hour nap! Wow! And then wanted some cuddle time in the big bed! I love this :)
I have so many things to be thankful for this year, to name a few: My wonderful husband, my sweet baby boy, my amazing family, some great friends, my health, my job... and of course God who makes it all possible.

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