Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas day!

Henry had a busy Christmas Eve and went to bed much later than normal. This caused him to wake up waaaay earlier than normal. Well really, I think he was just so excited for Christmas morning that he woke up nice and early, ready to go! So when my sweet boy woke up screaming at 4:00 am, I tried to think... WWKD, What would Kim do? Usually if Henry wakes up in the middle of the night or early in the morning, he will cry for a bit and go right back to sleep. But I think he was a bit freaked out when he woke up somewhere other than his own little bed so he kept right on crying, and crying and crying. So to make sure everybody else got a good sleep, I broke my rules (dun, dun, dun!) and picked up the baby! Instead of thinking, great now I get no sleep the night before Christmas, I channeled my friend Kim and thought, good now I get some extra cuddle time with my baby boy. Henry and I cozied up on the bed in the baby's room and I calmed him down and eventually we both fell asleep. He went back into his little crib by about 6:00 am. We got some more rest and finally woke up again around 8:00 am. He was in a much better mood so it was time to open stockings!!!! (WARNING: MANY, MANY PICTURES AHEAD!!!)

Like his Christmas pj's? So cute!
Henry very much enjoyed the glitter on his stocking.
Hmmm what's in here?
Socks! Yippee :)
What else?
Bibs! Score, I am VERY messy!
Chuck the dump truck, goes right in the mouth of course.
Snake also goes right in the mouth.
Henry loves books... eating them that is.
Do we see a theme?
Weebles wobble but they don't fall down! These are yummy.
After stockings and his normal breakfast, I thought it would be fun for Henry to partake in our traditional Christmas cinnamon rolls! He is not a huge fan of solids but I thought for sure he'd love these...
Hmmm what do I think of this thing?
I guess it's ok.
Maybe not.
After this shot, Henry gagged and threw up his entire bottle! So much for liking cinnamon rolls! Maybe next year.
Since Henry had such a restless night and early morning, we skipped church to take a nap. After church, it was time for pics with cousin Caleb!
I guess I should have taken the bib off huh? Henry was just drooling so much, he working on his other front tooth. I thought for sure he'd get it for Christmas, get it? ;)
Random hands in this shot.
Let me check out your ear cuz!
What cute grins on these boys!
I'm a little afraid that Henry is going to be a bully. First he beats up on cousin Sean, then cousin Caleb! Check out that hook!
After everyone arrived at the Spencer casa, it was finally time for presents! Henry wasn't too sure what to do but he sure had fun anyway!
He got a tool bench from Auntie Lizzie :)
Some cars from mama and dada. (Note: Somehow Henry lost his pants between the tool bench and the cars. How funny!)

Nice pic James ;)
And a new big boy stroller from grandma and grandpa, yippee!
Henry got sooooo many more presents but I didn't get pics of all of them. So thank you to everybody for all the awesome gifts! But the best gift of all was enjoying Henry's first Christmas with my family. It was so much fun and even though it messed up our schedule and our routines (Nooooo, not that!), it was worth it. I tried to soak up every minute, relish every smile, treasure every laugh and enjoy the special traditions even more this year. I loved Henry's first Christmas and I think he did too :)


Ami said... kids STILL love that workbench!! Great pictures! Looks like Henry had lots of fun!

Anabelle said...

Henry must have been a good boy this year! If you loved his first Christmas, just wait for the 2nd,
3rd, 4th... it gets EVEN BETTER!