Sunday, December 12, 2010

Henry makes cookies

Every year at Christmas, my mom, my sisters and I always get together to make sugar cookies. My mom makes the dough and rolls it out, my sisters and I cut out the shapes and decorate them. We always have so much fun! This year we decided to make the cookies at my house :) Henry, of course, really wanted to help.

Henry thinks the cookie cutters taste pretty good!
Do you like his onesie? My mom brought it back for him from Alcatraz :)
Henry is concentrating on choosing his decorations.
He is not giving up that cookie cutter!
He really had fun!
Like the flour on his face? ;)
I was a little sad for Henry that he got to help make the cookies but then he didn't get to eat any. He did get some red colored sugar between his fingers that totally freaked me out, so he may have gotten to eat some sugar! I promised him that next year he could eat a cookie :)

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Anonymous said...

he is so adorable! why cant he have a little taste? Don't worry by the third or fourth baby you won't worry about that stuff. He will be eating cookies at 4months old. As long as he has had some solid foods then he can atleast suck on a cookie with no frosting or decorations. Very cute.