Saturday, June 1, 2013

Henry's 3rd birthday part two

Henry's birthday seemed to last all month. There were just so many things we needed to do to celebrate! Here are some more pictures of the fun :) 

Ok so this has nothing to do with his birthday but who doesn't love a baby covered in chocolate?!

James has been waiting (oh so not patiently) for Henry to be old enough to enjoy Hot Wheels. James figured three years old was a good time to introduce our boy to the wonder that is race tracks and cars. And for some reason, he decided to do this in my bedroom! Sigh, boys. 

Mega race track in the bedroom, awesome.  

 Loop-the-loop :) 

 Setting up the cars.

 This picture cracks me up! 

Eventually the track got so big, it needed to be moved to the living room. Mama is not so good at setting up the track so it is a daddy only toy, yay! :) 

Another thing that James has been waiting for Henry to be old enough to enjoy is, going to a baseball game! Again, three seemed like the magic number. So we trucked up to Phoenix on Memorial day to see the Diamondbacks take on the Rangers. Henry's favorite part? The statues out front. 

Diamondback Mickey! 

We sat in the Diamond level which is a bit nicer and less crowded than the other levels. We also opted for the all you can eat seats, no idea why ;) I was happy that there was a restroom right in the lobby of the area we were sitting. It was a nice big family restroom. Is it sad that the bathroom was MY favorite part?! Amazing the little things that make you happy when you are pregnant and have a three year old! Anywho, Henry did really well throughout the game and I think he enjoyed it... for the most part. Unfortunately, later in the game some dudes who had waaaaaaay too many beverages came and sat right behind us and yelled right in our ears for an entire inning. Henry had finally had enough and we relocated to a quieter section. He was much happier and ate an entire plate of peanuts! 

We sat right above the bull pen.  

 Another favorite part for Henry, stairs! 

 Henry and James with giant head Luis Gonzalez. 

 A giant turtle? No, it was a pig! 

All in all, good times! We are going to another game in June. But this time, we are going in San Diego! 

It has been hotter than Hades and there are only so many things you can do indoors. So out to the good old sprinkler we go! 

How adorable is this child??? 

  More presents! 

 Opening presents with Auntie Em! 

 What is it?? 

 Lightning McQueen! 

 He loved it! 

He wasn't too great at steering the remote control car but that made it all the more fun! It was hilarious to him when the car crashed! 

 Reading cards with dada. 


 Opening presents with mama. 

 Buzz Lightyear pajamas... he has worn these every night! 

 Mickey books... we've read these only 50 times already. 

 Already reading. 

 What is this??


 Now Woody can ride Bullseye! 

 And Henry can ride Bullseye too! :) 

I wanted a picture of me and Henry like we took in the hospital the day he was born :) 

May 28, 2010
Photo: three years ago today, our family was blessed with such a sweet, smart, funny, adorable and precious baby boy! and life has never been the same :) we love you so much henry! happy birthday to you!!! :)

May 28, 2013
What a difference three years makes! I look a LOT better :) Henry is cute as ever! 

We had to sing happy birthday again :) 

Huff and puff...

And blow!!! 

Henry is three, time flies. I am doing my best to make sure I enjoy this time with him and do as much with him as I can.

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