Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer fun :)

The first weeks of break, I was really good at doing projects and/or crafts. I was even pretty good at taking pictures of our adventures. I didn't get everything but here are a few of our fun summer activities. 

I had seen a few things on Pinterest on ice cube water color and decided to try it out. The ice cubes were slightly difficult to make as I had to mix the paint and the water in the individual ice cube sections. Add to that the fact that I didn't actually have normal ice cube trays. I totally thought  I did but alas, I did not. What I did have were ice cube trays to make chess pieces. Thanks James! So I finally got the dang ice cubes mixed and stuck in the freezer. The next morning, Henry and I ventured out to try them. We have a small patch of grass that gets shade early in the morning so I stuck his table over there and got him started. We began with paper but the ice made the paper too wet to really make any marks at all. I had seen that some people on Pinterest used fabric. Again, I didn't plan too well apparently and had no fabric. What's a resourceful mama to do? Steal one of her husband's plain white t-shirts of course! That worked out really well! Henry had a blast painting with his water color chess piece ice cubes on his daddy's shirt! Not quite what I had in mind, but turned out to be fun for Henry and really, that's all that counts :) 

Painting in the shade. 

 Checkmate! ;) 

 Hi handsome! 

 Our finished product... think James will wear it? :) 

 Later that same day ( I was a glutton for punishment this day) we made some sugar cookies! The real reason for this was that we had leftover sugar cookie dough and frosting from his birthday and he wanted to make some Mickey cookies. Sure, why not? I got all the supplies out and ready. I left Henry at the table and went to get a few more things. Lesson learned, don't leave a three year old within reach of cookie dough... he WILL eat it!


 I think this was his favorite part of the whole thing! 

 What? I didn't do anything. 

 How can you be mad at that face??? 

He got three good bites out of that dough ball.  

 Frosting the cookies. 

Such concentration.  

 Daddy helping with sprinkles. 

Last year we got Henry a small inflatable pool and water slide. It sadly did not survive the summer. I had been meaning to get one over spring break but just never go around to it. After so many hot days with no pool, I finally found one. A bigger inflatable pool with a built in sprinkler! Fun!! 

Think he likes it?  

Random picture time!!! I think Henry is a budding photographer because he has been taking pictures lately all by himself and they are pretty good.... for a three year old! One day, he did all eight of his little puzzles and was so proud, he wanted to take a picture of them. So he did. 

This was taken by Henry :) 

This next one is just a sweet picture of me and my baby boy. He had just gotten up from a nap and was super extra cuddly :) 

My baby boy :) 

One of my many projects that I wanted to get done over break, was to paint the old office which will now be the new nursery. It was a light gray and I wanted a bit more girly color. We settled on a light lavender shade. Henry, of course, wanted to help! 

He had his own little paint station and did pretty well not making too big of a mess :) 

Then it came time to get things ready for our annual beach vacation. We were staying a bit longer than we usually do, so we asked my dad to watch Daisy for us. Before we took her down, we gave her a nice bath. Henry, or course, wanted to help!

Giving Daisy a nice rinse. 

 All clean and ready to visit papa! 

Up next, the beach!!!!

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