Monday, June 10, 2013

Henry's three year pics

For Henry's three year pictures, we wanted to get some really nice pictures done and the last few times we went to the Picture People, they have been very disappointing. So we went with a friend that we know has done amazing pictures for lots of people. I have been wanting to get pics done with Meridy for a while now but could never find the time. Well now it's summer and I finally found the time to schedule a shoot with her this last week :) I tried to warn Meridy that Henry has a tendency to become Chandler (from Friends) when the camera is on him. She assured me that she could get him to smile, no problem! Thank goodness she was patient. It took Henry a while to warm up to her, but once he did, he had so much fun! Thanks again Meridy, you are a miracle worker :) 

First shots, still unsure. 

 Getting better! 

I had to get in on the pictures too! I wanted to get some pictures of Henry and I together so we could give some to James for Father's day. It occurred to me that I haven't had pictures taken of just me and Henry, like ever! It was fun :) 

Me and my baby boy 

 I LOVE this one :) 

 Meridy asked Henry to give me a hug and he practically strangled me he was hugging so tight! 

 Another of my favs! 

 My sweet boy 

 Our sign for James, we love you! 

Meridy had all her props out and Henry spied the bubbles early on. He kept asking after every picture, now is it time for bubbles? Finally when the time came, he was so excited! I think it was totally his favorite part. 

  He thought it was hilarious when there was only one bubble and kept saying lonely bubble over and over again. Lonely bubble!

Then Henry kind of took over the photo shoot. He spotted a tree and told Meridy, ok now we are going to sit over there! And off he went! So funny! 

 He looks like such a little boy here! My baby is growing up :*( 

 A SMILE!!! :) 

Another favorite part for Henry was playing on the slides :) 

So much fun and so many great pictures! I hope Meridy had as much fun as we did because we will be seeing her again for sure :)  


Ami said...

Oh yeah...Meridy has super powers. The pictures are AWESOME, Sarah! As I looked at them, I kept saying, "ooh, she should frame that one!", "oh, and that one.", "And that one..." you get the idea! Adorable!! Photos to treasure, for sure!

Anabelle said...

Yes Meridy is a miracle worker! The pics are perfect!