Sunday, October 6, 2013

Baby girl is on her way!

I have no fancy pictures tonight. I just wanted to take a few minutes to write about how I feel at the end of my second pregnancy. I have been incredibly blessed throughout this entire pregnancy. I have had little morning sickness, no major complication, felt pretty good and been relatively healthy. This baby has been very well behaved and very cooperative... all up until now. She just doesn't want to come out. I have to count my blessings here and focus on the good stuff I've gotten. I have gotten to be pregnant twice for over 40 weeks with both. I've gotten to feel these babies move for over 20 weeks each. That's a lot of time to feel such amazing sensations! No, I didn't get to go into labor with either one, no my water didn't break with either one, no I didn't get to push with either one, no i didn't get to do the typical labor thing with either one but in the end I will have two healthy babies. Henry was absolutely perfect and IS absolutely perfect so I have no doubt his baby sister will be the same. I have been blessed. So tomorrow after a planned C-section, our daughter will be here! While I am terrified to have yet another surgery, I am excited to finally meet my baby girl! I have been waiting for this day for a long time, so I am going to let go of all of the negative feelings. No I didn't get the VBAC that I wanted, but damn it, I tried! So now that I have tried my best to get the outcome I wanted, it's time to resolve myself to what is best for my baby and that is a C-section. It ain't gonna be pretty or fun but it will get me what I REALLY want, and that is a healthy baby girl and a healthy me :) Please pray for me! The next time I post, it will be pictures of our baby girl. Here we go!!! :)

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Ami said...

You're right! The only thing we really is a healthy baby girl at the end! Can not WAIT to meet her!! Good luck!