Friday, October 25, 2013

Henry meets Spencer

After I was moved from the labor room to my recovery room, we wanted Henry to come visit and meet his baby sister! I was nervous for how Henry would react. I mean, we had been talking about his baby sister for months! I also was nervous for how he would react to seeing me hooked up to IV's and laying in a hospital bed. I was tired and in pain but when my baby boy walked in, I put all of that to the side and really focused on what was happening. My babies were meeting for the first time! When Henry walked in with my sisters, he spotted Spencer and immediately squealed: "Look a baby!" It was precious! He was so drawn to Spencer that he barely even noticed me. I insisted that he come and sit on the bed with me so I could hold him and Spencer when they met. Henry was a bit hesitant to get too close to me because of all the stuff I was hooked up to. I think it freaked him out a bit and he kept asking if I was sick. I tried to convince him that I wasn't sick, that I just had a big boo-boo ;) So I propped myself up and James put Henry next to me on the bed. I was so happy to see my baby boy! I missed him. 

Me and my first baby :) 

 Henry holding Spencer :) 

 Henry kept saying, in a very high squeaky voice, "She's so adorable!" 

 Seeing how much Henry immediately LOVED Spencer was a bit much for me and, of course, I started crying like a baby. 

 Wiping away tears of joy.

 BIG, huge thank you to auntie Em for bringing Henry AND for taking all the pictures for us! :) 


 Henry was very gentle with her and if he had his way, would have kissed her a million times! 

 Think he likes his baby sister? I hope it lasts! 

 Daddy and daughter :) 

 So sweet. 

We finally we able to pry Henry away from his baby sister so he could go home and go to bed. We promised him that he could come back the next day to visit again and that made him happy :) I was so relieved that Henry reacted so positively to meeting his sister. He is such a wonderful big brother! 


Ami said...

So glad he loves his sister! Adorable!

Mary said...

He is such a good big brother...glad that Emily was able to capture that moment!