Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year 2015!

New year's sure is different these days. Instead of fancy dinners and out at parties all night, it's easy dinners and staying in with the kids. So much fun but in a very different way! 

Our fancy chicken nuggets, french fries, mac and cheese and sparkling grape juice. 

 The kids were not really in to the sparking grape juice. Oh well more for us! 


 Henry is ready for his new year's kiss! 

Right around midnight on new year's eve, it started snowing! Henry had been waiting for snow all year! I was very tempted to wake him up to see it but I did not want to deal the ramification of that. So we waited until morning and hoped it would still be there. We were pleasantly surprised to see the snow stuck around! So after breakfast we bundled the kids up as best we could in their desert snow gear and headed out. 

Henry LOVED it!  

 Spencer was not sure about the snow. She just wanted to be held. 

 Spencer finally warmed (ha!) up to the snow and then had fun playing in it. 

 Of course baby wanted to eat the ice and the snow. 

 Henry too! 

 Snow face! 

 Henry's snow angel. 

 Aha! Oho! Tracks in the snow?! Who's are these tracks and where do they go?

 Scooting in the snow. 

 Do you want to build a snowman?

 All Henry has been wanting to do, all winter, is build a snowman. He was so happy to finally get his snowman! 

 With a corncob pipe and button nose. 

 Happy boy with his snowman! 

Playing in the snow with my babies was a great start to 2015! 

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