Saturday, January 3, 2015

Christmas part one

Since we always go down to SV for Christmas Eve service, spend the night at my mom's and then do Christmas morning down there, we do our own little Christmas at our place on Christmas Eve morning. I LOVE it! It's like having two Christmases! This is part one of our Christmas celebration, it is a TON of pictures of the kids opening presents, enjoy! :) 

Up first, stockings! 

 Henry had been obsessed with Frosty the snowman so I found a teddy bear dressed as a snowman. I think he liked it :) 

 I found Spencer a similar bear dressed as Santa. 

 She was unsure about the whole thing. 

 Matchbox cars.

 A talking Doc McStuffin's stethoscope. She dug that! 

 Assorted candies, play doh, light up balls, etc… 

 And she's over it. 

 This shot cracks me up. Henry is playing with Spencer's stuff and Spencer is playing with Henry's stuff! This would be a recurring theme of the day. 

 I got James some silly things for his stocking. 

 Baby stole his Dill pickle flavored popcorn. 


 I got Spencer some sock rattles. 

 She LOVED them but they were so super slippery! 

 My babies with their stocking treasures. 

After the kids had breakfast, it was time to start on the presents! We have a tradition in our family that we open presents one at a time starting from youngest to the oldest. It was hard to do that with the two crazies, especially since Henry was SO excited and baby didn't really have a clue. We did our best and I think the kids did really well. So here we go! 

Henry chose his first present. He tore into it and got an Anna doll! 

 He had been asking for one for forever! 

 Baby's first present went slowly. James had to show her what to do. 

 She took teeny pieces of paper off. 

 Baby got an Olaf! 

 Henry got one too! 

 Henry got an Elsa doll. Seeing a theme?

Now the night before, I had checked the camera battery to be sure it was charged and ready. The battery said it was fully charged but after a few pictures, the battery died! Ugh, so frustrating! We had to take a little time out from presents to charge the battery. The kids were less that thrilled with having to wait but mama needed pictures! 

Baby kept herself entertained by playing with the plight switch. Henry just crazily tried to pick his next presents. Now that the battery was charged we cold go on. But something was wrong with the battery and we had to stop every now and again to re-charge it. Frustrating but I got pics! 

 Spencer got the hang of opening presents after a bit and then she was a pro! 

 Spencer is in love with birds right now, so I got her a giant penguin. 

 She loved it! 


 Henry had recently read the old school Peter Rabbit books and fell in love with them. So I found him a Peter Rabbit! 

 Thanks mama! 

 Whenever Spencer sees someone give someone a kiss, she wants to too! 

 I got Spencer a bunch of birds. This is a baby penguin. 

 Henry has loved Toy Story since he was really little. He's had all the characters for a long time too. Perhaps too long. His beloved Buzz Lightyear toy had seen better days. The laser didn't work, the voice was nearly gone, the lights didn't work, and the kicker, Henry recently broke one of Buzz's legs. I was so sad that his Buzz wold have to be thrown away. I looked at the stores but didn't find any to replace him. Luckily James found an awesome Buzz Lightyear online and got it just in time for Christmas! Yay! 

 Buzz Lightyear to the rescue! 

 Henry was so excited he started flying Buzz all over the house! Adorable! 

 Henry and I went shopping for James and Henry got him the complete set of all six Star Wars movies! Score! I think this was just as much for Henry as it was for James. 

 W also got James a Star Wars shirt. Now his nerdiness is complete! 

 Legos for Henry. 

 Baby owl for baby. 

 Look at that tiny sliver of paper that baby tore off! 

 Birdy love! 

 And yes, more birds! 

 This a set of three electric birds that sing! 

 Again, LOVE! 

 What could be in this big box?

 A giant Olaf! 

 But the box is way better than the toys! 

 Drums! Henry really wanted a set but I chickened out and got asset that I can turn off! 

 At this point we just let them both open at once. I had gotten enough pictures and they were getting restless with waiting for each other. 

 Car tracks and games. 

 Big present for both the kids from my mom. 

 A double wagon! Perfect :) 

 Big presents for both the kids this year were scooters. This Christmas brought to you by Radio Flyer! 

 Scooting in the house, fun! 

 Trying out big brother's scooter. 

 I tried to get the kids to sit still for a pic with all their presents… it didn't work too well. 

 Spencer riding her scooter. 

 And, of course, Henry riding Spencer's scooter. 

 Ready to roll! 

 Again trying for a pic with the presents. You can see how happy baby is! 

 After lunch and a nap, it was time to get dressed up and head to nana's! 

 Thanks for the wagon nana! 

The kids had a blast opening presents and now it is off to SV for round two! 

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