Saturday, January 3, 2015

Christmas part two

Christmas continued down in SV at my mom and dad's place. After a lovely dinner of Albondigas (seriously, my dad makes the BEST Albondigas!) it was time to get dolled up and go to Christmas Eve service. 

My handsome little man. He is looking so grown up! 

 Spencer just HATES having her picture taken which is really sad for me because I love taking pictures of her! 

 My little family. 

 Man, if the kids would just both look and smile at the same time I might pass out from shock! 

 Such a pretty lady! 

 Family pic at church. 

 The big family except my brother Chris and his family. We missed you! 

 Starla and Sean, so cute! 

 My and my baby sister, Emily. 

 Isn't she so pretty?!

 My other sister Erin decided to opt out of Christmas Eve service. We missed her! She was there in spirit :) 

After church, we got the kids in their brand new Christmas pjs and got them settled in bed. Then we went to stuff more stockings! 

The next morning we opened stockings that my mom got us. 

 My mom got the kids a whole bunch of fun stuff! I think this is a Captain America glow stick.  

 Henry's favorite new accessory, a bath robe! 

 Thanks nana! 

 Spencer's turn! 

 A jingle stick, super fun! 

 My turn! 

 My mom always gets us some Philosophy, my favorite! 

 The kids were obsessed with the stairs so I decided to take a pic of us all in our Christmas pj's on the stairs. 

 The floors were really cold so both baby and I are wearing our Uggs with our pj's! Looking good! 

Not bad looking for having just gotten up huh? 

 I also love how Henry and I have the same pj bottoms! 

 I am Yao! King of the rock, and there's nothing you girls can do about it! 

 The service on Christmas day is much more casual so Henry and I were very dressed down. 

 Everyone else decided to dress up! My sisters are so beautiful! :) 

 All us girls! 

 And one photo-bombing boy! 

 Spencer is out! 

 After baby's nap, it was time for more presents! You can see Henry in the background, having a really hard time waiting. 

 First present from auntie Em is some cute pink Converse. 

 Auntie Em got Henry some Spiderman pj's! 

 Thanks Auntie! 

 Now the kids are opening the presents we brought for them.

 Books! We picked some of Henry's favorite books to buy and give to Sean. I really hope he likes them as much as Henry does. We got a bunch of Julia Donaldson, Skippyjon Jones, and Weird Al books. 

 Baby was excited to see some of her favorite books too! 

 We got Starla some books also. Yes, I'm THAT aunt! We got her the Chronicles of Narnia. 

 We got Em the Star Wars movies. 

 Erin got a gift card to the second happiest place on earth, Target! 

 Nana's turn! 

 Picture frames with our pictures in them ;) 

 Papa's turn! 

 We got him a pocket watch. 

 Nana got the kids a few little things in addition to the wagon she already got them. 

 Spencer got an Anna doll. 

 Henry got a Kristoff doll. 

There was a lot more fun after this but I put down the camera to enjoy it! There were more presents, cinnamon rolls, dinner, playing, music, fun, laughter, and family. I love Christmas and I am so blessed to be able to spend it with the family I love! 

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