Thursday, January 1, 2015

Making Christmas cookies

I'm so lucky to have my family close by so we can do fun things on the weekends. My mom and my sisters came up so we could go to Winterhaven and make Christmas cookies! Good times! :) 

Here is my little lady all dressed up to go see some lights at Winterhaven! 

 She looks like such a big girl here! 

 Mt little man. 

Now sadly, I didn't take any pictures with my actual camera in Winterhaven, I used my phone but the pics did not turn out so great :( So we are moving on to making cookies. 

The kids and my mom rolling out the dough. 

 Spencer was so excited to help.

 Me and my baby girl. 

 Baby wanted to taste the cookie before it was cooked. 

 She also liked eating the decorations.

 Henry did too! 

 Auntie Em helping baby decorate cookies. 

 Henry's mouth is green from all the decorations he's been eating. 

 Henry's was very meticulous with his decorations. He needed his snowmen to be perfect. 

 Such concentration! 

 Such a baby! She cries whenever anyone tells her no. 

 My little cookie elves! 

 I was glad to see Spencer liked eating the cookies after being cooked too! 

 I have a ton of cookies cutters but Henry insisted on doing a bunch of snowmen. He was slightly obsessed with Frosty the snowman at this point. 

Thanks for making cookies with us nana, auntie Em and auntie Zee Zee!! :) 

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