Friday, February 5, 2010

On a more positive note...

So my last post was rather negative. In an effort to put some balance on the blog, I thought I'd do a positive posting about the nice things that friends/co-workers/strangers have done for me since I've been pregnant.

Dear world,
Thank you for letting me go first when you see me in line for the bathroom! It's hard to wait these days ;)
And thank you for watching my class while I run to the bathroom fifteen times during the day.
Thank you for telling me that I am still skinny, just with a little baby bump hiding it!
Thank you for telling me that pregnancy agrees with me and how pretty I look with the pregnant glow.
Thank you for asking if you can touch my belly, sometimes it's fine, other times it's slightly annoying, so thanks for asking :)
Thank you for telling me that whatever I want to eat is just fine! Frozen waffles for dinner are pretty yummy!
Thank you for the advice I DO ask for.
Thank you for maternity clothes, baby clothes, etc...
Thank you for not scaring me with labor stories or awful baby stories.
Thank you for making me feel better about labor and letting me know that you think I'd be a great mom!
Thank you for still inviting me to do things, I'm not home-bound yet! :)
Thank you for all the help with crazy pregnancy symptoms.
Thank you for understanding when I'm tired, cranky, forgetful, moody, etc...

There, hopefully now I sound a bit more thankful for all the nice things people have done. I'm hoping that the nice things will out-run the mean, annoying stuff soon! Now whenever someone says something to annoy or piss me off, I can read this list and remember there are some really wonderful people out there who are sweet and caring :)

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