Thursday, February 18, 2010

Then and Now

Times sure have changed. I know I've blogged about this before, during New Year's. That was about me and James. This is more about me and my friends. During my methods year of college, I met some awesome people! I had some amazing teachers and lucky for me, I met some of my best friends. We bonded over lesson plans and crazy nights, and boy were there some CRAZY nights! We've stayed close since graduation and now we are ALL pregnant! I've been blessed to never do things alone in my life and pregnancy is one of them. Not only were both my sisters-in-law pregnant with me but so are two of my best friends! Victoria moved away over two years ago and I haven't seen her since my wedding! She is due two days after me!!! She came back for a visit because, well, it will be quite difficult to travel come May ;) I was so happy to see her! It's been too long and since she's due so close to me, it was fun to catch up and compare bellies! After we had some very nice people at Starbucks take our pictures, I started thinking about some of the other pictures we've taken throughout our friendship. So I went through my old photo albums and found some old pics waaay too fun not to share. So here's a look at how things were about seven years ago and how things are now. The old pics are a bit grainy because I had to take pictures of the old pictures but you can get the idea. Enjoy and try not to judge to harshly! :)

Me and Victoria at some random party, we had a blast apparently!
Me and Victoria now. Both about 27 weeks pregnant! Perhaps a bit bigger but still cute :)
Me, Jenn and Victoria, one Halloween we decided to go as Charlie's Angels ;)
Me, Jenn and Victoria now. Jenn is about 18 weeks pregnant :)
Three cute girls at a party, please check out my awesome flat tummy. It will be that way again some day... I hope.
Three still cute girls at Starbucks, not a flat belly to be found, but all very happy for our round bellies full of baby :)
So things now are totally different but as the old Arby's commercials used to say... different is GOOD!!! Yes, I had tons of fun back then and I'm glad I did! I got all my craziness out and now I'm so very happy to be pregnant and starting a new phase of my life. I can't wait to meet our little guy and I can't wait to be a mom :) Jeez, can you believe the crazy girl in those pictures is going to be someone's MOM?!? Here's hoping all my life experiences will make me a great mom!

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