Friday, March 19, 2010

31 weeks!!!

Yesterday marked exactly 31 weeks of my pregnancy! I'd been feeling pretty good up until this point. The second trimester had ended and the third trimester began with no truly bad side effects... until this week. I think that God knew when to put the hard stuff on me. He waited until fall break to kick in the morning sickness and then he graciously waited till spring break to bring on the exhaustion, growing pains and mood swings! This way, I can get used to all these new joys before going back to work... which I am not looking forward to. I can make it through by reminding myself that I only have eight weeks of work left before I start my maternity leave. On the plus side, little Henry has been more active than ever! Which I am hoping means that he has flipped himself around and is now in the correct head-down position :) I've also been taking this time away from work to re-organize the nursery after our spectacular amount of gifts from our baby shower :)

Here is the before shot of the nursery with all the gifts.

And here is the after! With a beautiful new toy basket from Ami and a newly constructed rocker from Dawn! Btw, I put that together, all by myself!!! A huge accomplishment for me considering it had lots of parts and required tools for assembly, snaps for me :)

Here is another view of the nursery with baby Henry's bassinet. It will end up being in our room when little boy gets here.

Here is the changing table with diapers, wipes, etc... ready to go along with a diaper champ from Mary! Plus a new swing! It's pretty fancy, you can plug your ipod in to it so the baby can rock out! ;)
So I'm feeling better about being ready for baby Henry and I'm working through the rest of my pregnancy pains. I continually remind myself how blessed and lucky I am to be pregnant and to have made it this far with very few issues. Hopefully the pains will subside soon and I can coast through the last eight weeks of work. And THEN baby Henry will finally be here! :)

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Anabelle said...

Two snaps for you! Everything looks great! Henry is lucky to have you.