Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring training

I love spring in Tucson! The weather is gorgeous and thankfully, in Vail we get two wonderful weeks off to enjoy it. Another plus for Tucson is the Arizona Diamondbacks hold their spring training games here... well unfortunately, this is the last year we will have spring training here :*( Anyway, spring training, pre-pregnancy, meant short shorts, a bikini top, lying in the grass, getting a tan and drinking some beer! Needless to say, this game was a bit different ;) No short shorts, definitely no bikini top (yikes!) and no beer. We did still sit in the grass and catch some rays and it was still a lot of fun! We just kept thinking how sad it was that we would not be able to take our little boy to spring training games now that they are moving to Phoenix. At least baby boy got to go to one spring training game!

Catching some rays ;) It was gorgeous!
A better view of baby Henry's first game, he really enjoyed the loud music!
Our attempt at a self portrait.
Our view from the lawn.
The view from behind home plate, we took as we were leaving, I think they might have won!
I'd like to make it to at least one more spring training game this year, since it is the last year they'll be here. I'll have to rest up for it though! The walk from the parking lot is pretty long and I'm not the fastest walker any more. Plus, sitting on the lawn is not the most comfortable thing to do when seven months pregnant! I had a blast though :) Go D-backs!!!

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Ami said...

I'm with you little Mama! I'm so sad we won't be able to take our boys (and girl) to spring training games for years to come! Such a bummer! Maybe we'll squeeze one in this year! Let me know when you might go again!!