Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hiccuping Henry

I thought I do a very random post tonight. After reading my friend Nicole's blog, A New Normal, I wanted to make sure that I take time everyday to truly enjoy my pregnancy. So today when I got home from work, I starting feeling baby boy move around. He likes to wake up and wiggle when I get home from work. It's like he's celebrating being home from work too :) Then I starting feeling a very familiar, rhythmic thumping in my tummy. Little Henry had the hiccups! From what I've read, this is completely normal and a good sign that he is doing some practice breaths :) Well if this is true, then my little guy should be REALLY good at breathing by the time he's born because Henry gets the hiccups AT LEAST once a day! It's a very regular event in my days now. It's more fun when there is someone around when it happens so they can feel my belly bounce. It's ridiculously cute when he gets the hiccups now, I'm sure it won't be so fun once he's out. So I'm enjoying it now while I can . There are no pictures I can think of to go with this blog so I'm posting a random one to go with the randomness of this post.


Anabelle said...

I remember the first time Jaxon got the hiccups. It was during a staff meeting and me & the ladies sitting around me couldn't stop laughing.
I can't beleive we'll get to see Henry hiccuping in real life soon!

Nicole said...

That cartoon is freaking hilarious! I am happy you are going to enjoy the time left...it gets tough:)
Delaney and Brody both had the hiccups all the time!! When I was in labor with Brody he had them bad!