Sunday, March 14, 2010

My baby shower!

Yesterday, James and I had our baby shower! It was so much fun! My good friend Ami, mother of triplets and party-thrower extraordinaire, graciously opened up her home for a fabulous baby shower :) There was food, fun and of course games! Thanks again Ami, we had a blast! Here are some pics that James's friend Brian took for us. I was a bit pre-occupied so thank you Brian! If it weren't for you, I'd probably have zero pictures!

Me, James and the master of ceremonies, Ami
Ami is a big fan of games. Usually this game would be played with stuffed animals or dolls. The object is, future mom and dad race to see who can diaper, clothe and get the baby in the car seat the quickest. Well since Ami just happened to have two little baby boys for us to practice on, James and I used Colton and Ethan for our game! Like the look on my face? I was having issues getting Ethan to cooperate!
Ethan was so interested in getting into the car seat that he kept getting away from me as I tried to change him. You can't see in this picture but James is having a much easier time with Colton! I feel like I won this game :)
The banner welcoming baby Henry to our lives!
Opening the many, many presents our generous friends and family got for us! Thanks everyone!!!
The awesome cake my good friend Nicole made for us. She made this from scratch, with real fondant and everything! Gorgeous!! Thanks Nicole! :)
My girls! A couple girls are missing and couple boys are thrown in ;) Anabelle, Ami with Colton, me and Henry, Nicole, Aimee. Lookin' good!
My two little sisters and family friend, CJ. They are busy making onesies and burp cloths. Now I have a ton of cute onesies and burp cloths people have made :) I didn't get any pics of them but my brother, his wife and my mom were there too. Thanks for making the trip up guys! I didn't get pics of a lot of people who were there! I need to get better at taking pictures!
The aftermath of presents in little Henry's nursery! WOW!!! Someone had asked me earlier at the shower if everything was ready in the nursery... well it was! Looks like I have some more organizing to do now, good times :)
Thanks again to everyone who came, who didn't come but brought a present, who helped put this together, who took pictures, who made food, who helped me in any way etc... I have the best friends and family!!!


Ami said...

Great Pics! It was a good time! Though I honestly cannot take all the credit for the games! I may have played them, (and okay, I did offer my two sons for one of them!) but Mary did the thinking and made all the preparations for all thel games! So I'll just share the credit! I shared yours and James' answers with her today and she was pretty impressed at how well you "meshed"! Now, go get to organizing!

Mary said...

It looks like it was a great party! I hear that Jen Lofgren has a video of you and James in the race to change the babies...I can't wait to see it. You look great!