Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Another first for me

So last night, I let James do something to me that I have NEVER let him do before. He's always wanted to but I could just never bring myself to let him. Yesterday, I finally caved and it was AWESOME! Now, drag your filthy heads out of the gutter! I let James give me a foot massage :) I've always had issues with my feet. I'm super ticklish and it just plain grosses me out when people touch my feet. James has never had a problem with my feet, he thinks they're cute :) A while back, James had to help me paint my toes because I could no longer reach them. Well now that I've added some extra weight to my frame, my poor feet are aching at the end of the day. So yesterday, after a long day of standing and walking, I mentioned to James how nice a foot massage might be. So he obliged and yes, it tickled at first but my feet hurt so much that eventually it just felt plain good! Who would have thought THAT would have ever happened??? Certainly not James! I think he enjoyed it as much as I did :)

Here are some updated belly pics from 34 weeks.
This picture actually makes my legs look semi-slim compared to the big belly :)
I haven't taken too many front-on pics for fear of how I would look, but I don't look TOO bad.
For weeks now, people have been telling me that I don't look pregnant from behind. I was curious so I had James take a pic from the back. It could be the baggy pants and maternity top, but I TOTALLY think I look pregnant from behind! At least my butt doesn't look too huge!
I have four full weeks of work left (after this week) and I'm hoping I can make it! One month to go!!! :)


Anabelle said...

You still look great! Any day now Baby Henry can make his grand entrance! Do you have your bag packed yet, going to the hospital outfit picked out, coming home from the hospital outfit picked out, maternity jammies ready to go?

Lisette Anne Lopez said...

You look great- keep going- keep moving,you are almost there! Love the pics. God bless everything that comes!
Bye now.

Anonymous said...