Thursday, April 15, 2010

You know you're pregnant when...

My fellow mom-bloggers Nicole and Ami recently did a blog where they list all the things they do or say that only moms would do. Nicole blogged about her two little angels and Ami wrote about being a mom of triplets! Now I'm not "officially" a mom... yet, but I felt it would be fun to share some of the things that happen to me before the baby pops out and calls me mommy. So please read in your best Jeff Foxworthy Redneck voice ;)

You know you are pregnant when...

* You plan your errands around meal-times. No one likes a hungry pregnant lady!

* You also plan your outings based on where you can find clean restrooms! I know where the best bathrooms are in all parts of the city!

* All above errands and outings have to do with what we still need to get the baby, clothes that will fit my giant belly, shoes that I can wear on my big swollen feet, things I need to take with me to the hospital, etc...

* You think, as you are running these errands about how different all this will be in just five short weeks!

* You get so excited when the Dr describes the huge number on the scale as "good weight gain." Although, it's still no fun to see that number get quite so big ;)

* You talk to your belly! This is so fun! I love my late night conversations with my little baby boy.

* A rockin' night out is now replaced with a rockin' night in. Dinner and a movie is now take out and On Demand! Dinner and dancing has been replaced with pizza and a foot rub!

* You get up at LEAST three times at night to pee and have NO problems finding the bathroom in the dark and getting back to sleep, most of the time!

* The most exciting time of the day is when you get to put your feet up! Ahhhhh!

* You want to punch people who say... Look how huge you are! You're still here! You look like you're ready to pop! Look at your belly button, you look like a turkey, you are done! How much longer? Oh you're waddling! Etc... This might be applicable to other people besides just pregnant ladies, cuz no one likes to hear how huge they are!

* Your bedtime is 8:30 and even the smallest tasks leave you exhausted!

I'm sure there is more but another way you know you are pregnant is, you forget everything! I can't remember a damn thing these days.

In the meantime, please enjoy this video of my son using my belly as a punching bag :) I hope it works, it's my first video attempt! It's not the best quality but you can see just how much he still moves around. It's slightly alien-esque but fun nonetheless :)


Ami said...

LOVE the video! Made me miss that SO much!! And I think I should now say I'm sorry because I KNOW I've made at LEAST one of those comments (the belly button one, I know)...but it is SO darn cute! And that's what being pregnant is all about!!! So maybe I'm not sorry after all! You're an adorable pregnant chick and that's all there is to it!

Anabelle said...

Awww! The video is great! He is one strong boy!

Jaymee said...

I agree with Ami. I totally miss feeling my lil ones inside me and soooo remember them moving about like that. I know at one point I said you waddle. But it is all in LOVE for becoming a mommy. Nothing to do with your body image, cause seriously Sarah- you are a glowing and beautiful.

Rev. Fr. Spencer said...

Hi Babe! You're STILL beautiful! I know you're nervous, and very anxious to get on with this and see and hold Henry. This is the toughest time. Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers almost every hour. And I think your mom is almost as nervous as you are. Hang there, kid. You can do this!

Love you lots!!! James and Henry too!

Your Daddy