Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter and baby flips

Last weekend, James and I drove down to SV to spend Easter with my family. Easter always begins with church. For some of my family, the Easter celebration began at sunrise with the Easter sunrise service. I've never been much of a morning person so I forgo the sunrise service and opt for sleep and the later service! Jesus will still have risen later in the morning ;) Anyway, after church we have some light brunch, which includes some of my all-time favorite foods: cinnamon pull-apart, kind of like cinnamon rolls but with the cinnamon on the outside, and fruit with fruit dip, cream cheese and marshmellow cream. We only get to have these foods on Easter so it's very exciting for me! I must have eaten four crates of strawberries this year! Yum!!! We've never done the whole Easter bunny, egg-coloring thing. My parents have always been more into celebrating the religious aspects of these holidays. Which I truly appreciate because it is the reason for the season! When we were kids, we always got Easter baskets but my parents made sure we knew the gifts and candy were from them. And I don't think I've ever ONCE colored eggs. I know I haven't missed much because anyone who knows me, knows I'm so NOT a crafty person. Plus, hard boiled eggs are soooo gross (in my humble opinion). I can remember a few times we actually did egg hunts but with plastic eggs full of candy or sometimes money! That's my kind of egg hunt! I am so excited for next year when we'll get to share all our special family traditions with our little boy. I'm already thinking about what kind of candy I could get away with giving him next year! After all, he'll be almost a year old, that's the perfect time to have your first marshmellow Peep!!! ;) Here are a couple of pics we managed to snap after church on Easter.

Me and James... and Henry :)
Me, Liz, Mom holding Matt's son Sean, and Emily

Cut to today, I had another Dr visit. It seems like I am ALWAYS at the Dr these days! Anyway, she wanted to check the position of the baby since the last ultrasound showed that he was breech. We were hoping that by this time he would have flipped head down because I really didn't want to have to do the external flipping procedure (I'm sure it has a more technical name but I have no idea what it is!) since it sounded like it hurt a lot! And let's face it, the prospect of a C-Section scared me! The second the Dr put the wand on my belly, we could very clearly see that the head was down! Yippee!! One less thing to worry about. Of course, now I have to worry about labor! We'll do one more ultrasound next week to check fluid levels, growth, etc... since by then I'll be almost full term! I can hardly believe that I'm almost done!! Somedays I feel like I could go on being pregnant forever, bring it on! Then other days, I can't wait to be done being pregnant! It alternates almost daily. Today, I'm feeling good. I'm happy the baby has flipped, my vitals were great, the Dr says my weight gain is good, the number on the scale still freaks me out but at this point, oh well! I'm doing just about as well as can be expected for 34 weeks! Go me!!! :)

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