Sunday, April 25, 2010

I love my husband!

I am so lucky and blessed to have found James. He is an amazing husband and I know he is going to make an amazing dad. Don't get me wrong, there are days when I feel like smacking him but all in all, he is awesome! There are days went I just don't think I'll be able to handle being pregnant for one more second, James is there is get to me through. The last few days have been kinda rough and right now, I appreciate James more than ever. Here are just a few reasons why I love my husband sooooooo much!

* He has been so supportive of me throughout the entire pregnancy. No matter what I needed, food cravings, new shoes, fat clothes, he has not complained once!

* He goes with me to all my Dr appointments, baby classes, etc... Not all men would be willing to sit in a room with stirrups!!!

* He loves his baby boy. He talks to him every night and loves to feel him move. Even though we have been able to feel him move for about 20 weeks or so now, James gets just as excited to feel him today as he did the first time he felt him.

* He paints my toenails and rubs my feet for me. Since my giant belly has gotten in the way of me doing my normal girlie routine, James has stepped up to the plate. My pet peeve is girls in open-toe shoes with no nail polish so I couldn't very well go through the last two months without nail polish and pedicures are SO expensive. Plus my feet have been hurting so much that I need a foot rub occasionally to keep me going. James very willingly obliges :)

* Last week, I mentioned that I might want to go to a Diamondbacks game just once before the baby comes. I really enjoy going to the games and this weekend the Phillies were in town! It was kind of short notice to get tickets but James was on the case. He spent DAYS scoring the internet for a good deal for the game on Saturday. He found an awesome deal and we ended up getting to go to the game and sit in the fifth row for a total of about twenty bucks! Score! Now it would have been even better had the D-backs actually won, but James has nothing to do with that ;)

* Today I woke up feeling pretty crappy. I was hoping it was just allergies from the baseball game but when I woke up and my throat hurt and my nose was runny etc... I knew I had caught another damn cold. James went to the store and got me everything I needed. He even started the laundry for me!

* James prepared our nursery beautifully! It is perfect for our little boy :) He's also been very proactive in making sure that we have everything we need for the baby. It's amazing the amount of stuff one little baby needs! On top of that, we have my baby sister coming to live with us (yippee!!) to help us take care of the baby. So that means we need to get another room ready! A newborn and a teenager in one fell swoop! Should be fun :) So James has spent the last few weeks, cleaning out the back bedroom and re-organizing the garage so we can store a bunch of the stuff that was in that room in the garage. Whew!

* He has the uncanny ability to put up with all my crazy pregnancy hormones and not go crazy himself! We all know what a roller-coaster ride pregnancy can be. I've gone from organizing junkie to total bitch to clingy and weepy within the span of a few hours. James handles it all like a pro and has not blown up at me once, even though I've blown up on him countless times! He's a saint! Let's just hope he can keep this up through the delivery and post-partum craziness too!! Good luck babe!

I love you very many bunches and a lot times ten plus four babe!!! I could never do this without you!!!

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Ami said...

I'm glad you found James too! Sounds like he's doing a top-notch job!