Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A brand new car!!!!!!

Well, new for me anyway! After we finally got little Henry a carseat (thanks Ami!), James tried installing it in the backseat of my car. It fit... barely. It looked so cramped back there with barely enough room for the carseat. I had been contemplating getting a new car for a while now. My mom had been telling me I'd like a car a bit higher up so it would be easier to get the baby in and out of and I'd probably want more room and storage for all the stuff that goes along with the baby! So on our ditch-day yesterday, James and I went to Desert Toyota. Yes, I got another Toyota despite the problems they've been having, they are still awesome cars! It didn't take us long to decide on what we wanted. I knew I didn't want another car, I absolutely didn't want a mini-van, an SUV seemed a bit too big right now so that left what I refer to as the mini-SUVs ;) We settled on a Rav-4. It's a pearl-white, 2006, V-6, 4-door, with tons of storage and a giant easy-open hatchback. Now I'm not sure what half of that means but it sure is cute! Picking out the car was the easy part... getting financing and all that jazz took much longer. Nearly three hours later, we rolled out of the parking lot in our new wheels! I miss my little car but I LOVE my new car! I know that it is bigger, safer and will be much better for my little boy :) Here are some pics of my birthday/mother's day present.

It looks HUGE in the garage! So not used to this big of a car.
And what is that I see in the backseat??? A baby carseat! Isn't that adorable? I have a carseat in my car! I'm still not sure exactly where to put it. It seems roomier to put in the middle but would it maybe be easier to get in and out of on the side? Input please :)
Ok now I think I am really, really ready! I have just about everything I could ever possibly need (hopefully) for my baby boy :) You can come any day now Henry!!!


Nicole said...

Yay for the new car! I love it! I always had Delaney in the middle...at least until she got a bigger carseat. PLUS, you will probably want to ride next to him on the drive home:)
Alright Henry...time to make your debut!

Anabelle said...

Middle is safer, but Jaxon has always ridden on the passenger's side in my car. I LOVE it so much better than the middle. I found it hard to lift the carseat to the middle of the seat, especially when he gets bigger. That's my opinion.
I love the color of the car! It's just like mine! And yay for Toyotas they're the best! :)