Friday, May 14, 2010

Done with work

Today was my last official day of work for the school year. There are nine days left but since I am due on Thursday, I decided to take the next two weeks off... just in case! I've literally had nightmares that my water will break while I'm walking my kids to lunch! I feel like I have gone just about as far as I can go. I have taught every standard, assessed every objective, tested these kids to death, got all my grading and report cards done so the kids really won't be missing anything the last two weeks. Plus, I was fortunate enough to have an awesome teacher take over for me, thanks Michelle!!! I'm pretty damn proud of how long I was able to make it. This school year, I will have taken a grand total of 12 1/2 days off!!! That's it! I took one sick day when I got food poisoning, one birthday day to celebrate my birthday, one half day to go see my nephew when he was born and ten days of maternity leave. There are some people who take more time off and are NOT pregnant so forgive me if I break my arm patting my own back here ;) GO ME!!! Now, I'm pretty sure that Henry will NOT be arriving next week but it will be nice to have some time off to prepare. You all know how I like to be prepared! I'm just bummed I can't plan for EXACTLY when he will come. James and I have a bet going, he is sure Henry will come on the 20th or before. I'm thinking he won't be coming until later... way later. I'm thinking I may have to be induced. In which case he wouldn't be here until like the 28th! We aren't betting anything monetary cuz what would the point of that be, that's no fun! We are betting the only thing that new parents have to barter with... dirty diapers! ;) While I am hoping that James is right, I'll at least have some silver lining when Henry decides to come late!

In an effort to be fully informed, I've been reading up on all the ways to get the baby to drop and labor to begin. Some I will not mention and some I will NEVER be trying out! A few that I have and will be doing are walking and swimming. Our pool is finally warm enough for me to swim in. So every night, I throw on my bikini (yes it still fits! whoo-hoo!) and go float in the pool for a while. It feels AWESOME on my feet and my back. I just hope it is working! Enjoy my 39 week bikini belly pics :)

Jeez that is one white belly!

Look how big Henry is!
Now all I have to do is wait. Sounds easy right???


Ami said...

Girl you are brave!! I did a bikini shot once around 19 weeks but I went with a towel to cover my pasty white legs! The important part is that you are getting in the pool! Isn't it the best feeling?? I remember very clearly how much lighter my belly felt in the water...until it was time to get out!! Anyhoo...can't wait to meet our newest little friend!

Jen said...

Just wanted to send a long distance pat on the back for you! You rock! Hopefully this summer we will be able to meet Henry :) Can't wait to hear when he arrives!