Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Non-stress test

After passing the 40 week mark, my Dr. wanted to make sure that me and the baby were both still doing well. So I went last week for my first non-stress test and I went again just yesterday. They check the fluid levels, make sure that the baby's heart rate is good, that he is moving enough and getting enough oxygen, etc... It's not stressful for the baby, but it IS a little for me! Luckily, baby boy is doing just fine and passed both tests with flying colors! This is where I learned that I actually WAS having contractions! James was able to come with me for the second test and took some (rather unflattering) video of the test. Hard to look good while lying in a bed with monitors strapped to your belly!

I tried for a good hour to upload another video of the nurse explaining the printout to James but it just was NOT working so I said, forget it!

Now the next time I go to TMC, I will be having a baby! Scary!!! But soooo exciting too :) I am so ready to have this baby but there will be some things I will miss about being pregnant and some things I won't.

Things I will miss about being pregnant:

* Feeling the baby move. I love feeling my little boy move, kick, punch, squirm, roll and even hiccup all day and night! It really is amazing!

* Compliments from family, friends and even total strangers about how great I look while pregnant.

* Eating whatever I want without (really) worrying about the weight gain.

Things I will NOT miss about being pregnant:

* Body pains - Being so uncomfortable all the time! I'm big, fat and swollen. Peeing 40 times a day, eating a tiny bit and being hungry 10 minutes later, leg cramps, knee pain from the extra weight, hip pain, boob pain, bone pain, etc... the list goes on and on. I know I'll have more pains during and after the baby is born but hopefully those will go away soon after.

* The constant barrage of questions from well-meaning family, friends and total strangers about my pregnancy. AND the horrifying labor stories from people, no one needs to hear that!

* The awful maternity clothes and having nothing to wear. I would really like to wear normal clothes but I know that it will be a while before I can do that.

I am sure there are more things for both sides of this list but I can't think of them right now ;)

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