Sunday, May 2, 2010

Officially full term!!!

This past Thursday marked 37 weeks of my pregnancy! This officially put me at full-term!!! Which means, baby Henry can come any day now! While I am happy to have come this far with so few problems, I am very scared for the next part. However, I'm so ready to have this baby. I know that I will miss being pregnant so I am desperately trying to enjoy my last few weeks of pregnancy. I just cannot wait to meet my little boy :) I feel like I have been pregnant FOREVER and I'd just really like to be done with the pregnancy part so I can do the mom part. I get so excited when I think about meeting Henry! Who will he look like? Will he have my eyes? Will he have James's smile? Will he have his mommy's feisty personality? Will he have his daddy's laugh? Will he get the hiccups just as much when he gets out as he has for the past few months? ;) At my last Dr visit the baby was measuring about 6 lbs and 13 oz! Big boy so far! If I go for three more weeks, Henry will end up being close to or over 8 lbs! Yikes! That's a bit scary. I'm not sure just how much bigger he can get, he has no where else to go! Check out this belly!!!

A few weeks back I did a post about all the things that are different now that I'm pregnant. Well now that I'm even MORE pregnant (like that's possible!) there are a few more things I can add to the list... So you know you are FULL-TERM pregnant when...

* You do anything and everything to get the baby to come on out. Including but not limited to: walking excessive amounts everyday, eating spicy foods, bouncing on an exercise ball, etc.

* EVERYTHING requires effort. Not just difficult things like, teaching, cleaning, getting up from the floor, etc. But things you would NEVER think are difficult, like, sitting down and SLEEPING!!! Sleeping is difficult! Who would have ever thought that sleeping would require effort!

* Your ankles are the size of Sequoia tree trunks! My feet started swelling a few weeks ago and I got a couple of cheap pairs of shoes from Payless. Now even those shoes don't fit! My feet and ankles are now the barometer for whether or not I can do anything. Example: Hey Sarah, want to go to Target after school today? Hmm let me check my ankles? ;)

* Just when you think you have had every pregnancy symptom in the book, something pops up to surprise you. I thought everything that could possible hurt on me has hurt from my boobs to my feet and everything in between. Now there are pains coming from places I didn't even know existed! Fun!

* You have never been so excited to meet a person in your entire life! All I think about it is meeting my little boy. I cannot wait :)

Now we get to see who is right on my poll. It's been up for a while now but if you have not voted on when you think the baby will come, please vote now. It hopefully won't be much longer. Everyone at school seems to think I'll have the baby early. James thinks he'll come right on time. I think he'll come late. So when will it be????


kershner3 said...

Cute belly!! You will have a beautiful baby boy any day now:)
Alexa was born at exactly 37 weeks and she was 6lbs 13oz.

Anabelle said...

I'm SUPER excited to meet Henry too! I'm especially happy that I'll be in Tucson at the end of May, he will be my first stop! Try driving down a dirt road,might help. :)