Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lots of random stuff

I NEVER used to get good fortunes when we would go out to eat. James would always get the good ones and I would get the crap ones like, "Persistence is its own reward." Lame. However, literally since the day we found out I was pregnant, I finally got some good fortunes! The day that we found out I was pregnant, we went out to eat at PF Chang's first. At that dinner the fortune I got read, "Good fortune is coming to you." Not a great fortune, very general. But when you know that you are going to take a pregnancy test that night, it seemed pretty damn good to me! And the fact that it turned out to be correct was even more amazing! James's fortune was pretty good that time too. His said, "Good news will come to you from far away." Well the good news wasn't exactly from far away but it was good news! The fortunes did not stop there. The next time was at Panda express a few months ago. Mine said, "Soon a visitor shall delight you." Hee hee :) James's said, "You will soon witness a miracle." It totally will be a miracle if we all survive the delivery! We went back to PF Chang's to celebrate my birthday a few weeks ago. This time, my fortune said,"Your troubles will cease and fortune will smile upon you." Ahhh! That means my pregnancy troubles will be over soon, right? James's said, "You will soon receive a gift, freely given, accept!" Well he is getting a pretty damn awesome gift! There was an extra fortune cookie this time around so we said that it was Henry's fortune. Henry's fortune said, "Your hidden creative talents will soon be revealed." How cute! I wonder what his talents will be... eating well and sleeping through the night? Hopefully! :) The last fortune I got was just last week from Oregano's (yes they have fortune cookies too!) This one said, "Your dearest dream is coming true." That one almost made me cry. I just hope now that my dream comes true fairly soon, quickly and painlessly! I tried to take pictures of these fortunes but it didn't turn out so great, but don't worry, they will all be going in my Belly Book! :)

In my attempt to get baby Henry to drop down and come on out, we got one of those big exercise balls for me to bounce on. While it is fun for me, Daisy HATES it! She is scared to death of it. I'm not sure why. She loves to play fetch with tennis balls so I don't know if it is because this one is so big or what. I have been trying to get her to not be so afraid of it. With so much time on my hands, I get bored quite easily. So instead of cleaning or doing something productive, I torture my dog :) I thought perhaps if she associates the ball with something good, she won't be so afraid. So I put a treat on top of the ball. Enjoy this video of my crazy Daisy trying desperately to get a treat off the exercise ball that she is so ridiculously afraid of ;)

Here is just another fun video of my alien belly in action. Most of the movement is right at the beginning and you can even hear me groan because his movements are getting to be a bit on the painful side! I think Henry is already camera shy because any time I pick up the camera he settles down. Hmmm maybe I should keep the camera by my bed at night. That seems to be when he is most active and maybe if I try to film his antics at night, he'll stop and I'll be able to sleep! Just a thought ;)

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