Saturday, June 25, 2011

And yet more beach pics!

Day three at the beach was again cloudy. But after learning my lesson about dressing Henry, I dutifully put on his swim wear yet again. This time, we were at the beach for about a minute when I look up and my dad has absconded with my baby! I look up and there they are, headed toward the water! Well, I grab my camera and hurry (as fast as my broken leg will allow me) down to the water's edge.

They are having a deep conversation right here, get it? Deep? Ha!

Grandpa and grandson :)

I love that my dad played with Henry in the water. It brought back memories of when my dad played with me at the beach when I was a kid.

It looks like I am mad here because my arms are crossed but really I am just trying to keep warm! It was so cold!

Fighting the waves :)

That was fun grandpa!

Mama's turn to play! You'll notice, I had to put on a sweater!

I love this pic of his little toes in the surf :)

Daddy's turn to play!

After the beach, my dad took us out to dinner at this nice Italian restaurant. And I don't mean like Olive Garden Italian. These guys actually SPOKE in Italian! And the food? YUM! So of course, I had to get Henry all fancied up!

Henry and grandma :) Look how handsome he is!

I brought him tons of toys to keep him occupied but he wanted to play with the silverware instead.

He is in the middle of one of his classic Henry squeals right here! It is so cute, but soooo loud! Luckily, the other people in the place thought it was cute too :)

We offered him bites of all of our food but he wanted to chew on his table mat instead!

After dinner, we dressed down again to go for a walk. I just thought this outfit was too cute! Big thank you to Nicole for most of his outfits for this trip :)
That does it for part three! I think there is only one part left, thank goodness right? :)

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