Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Beach baby!

It's vacation time!!! After all the chaos of the last few weeks, James and I were unsure whether or not we could actually do the beach this year. But we figured, if we could do it last year with a six week old baby and me still recovering from a C-section, surely we could do it this year! Plus, I needed to get out. I had been practically under house arrest since the accident and I felt like I needed to get out. What better place to go than San Diego! So we loaded up the rental car (yes we needed a rental since my car was totaled and still not replace yet) and headed off. First stop was Yuma again to see my grandma and my aunts and uncles. My uncle Mark and aunt Karen were kind enough to lend us their guest house again and boy were we happy to see it after the five hour drive! Lucky for us, Henry was pretty good during the drive. We left around his nap time and he slept for a good chunk of the time and rocked out to some music and played with daddy the rest of the time. By the time we got to my uncle's place, Henry was ready for lunch and another nap. My uncle had even provided a crib so we didn't need to bust out the pack and play, yippee! The crib was off in a little side room so we got Henry's crib all ready and then came out into the main room to have lunch. Henry kept crawling in that little side room where we couldn't see him so we decided to shut the door until it was nap time. We finished lunch, relaxed for bit, gave Henry some milk and then I went to open the door to put him down for his nap... LOCKED. Whoops! And no one was around at this point so we tried to have Henry take a nap on the big bed. Ha! He cried and cried! Luckily, my aunt came over just in time and unlocked the door for us. The second I put Henry in the crib, sound asleep!

Whew! It's just a good thing we didn't put Henry in there and then shut the door to discover it was locked! We were pretty tired by that point so we all took a nap. After nap time, it was off to our first visit, my grandma! Henry is still very into his stranger anxiety stage so he didn't get too friendly with my grandma. He did get brave enough at the end to at least get close enough for a few pictures :)

Hi great-grandma! That's your nose :)

And that's my nose!

After visiting with my grandma, it was off to our second visit. This time with my aunts and uncles. My uncle Mark and aunt Karen had invited us over for a yummy dinner and we happy to see that my uncle Bill and aunt Kathy were in town too! So we got to spend some quality time with my family, which was so nice :) Henry didn’t cooperate again and cried anytime anyone got too close so unfortunately, I have NO pics with my family :( Not sure how that happened and I’m really bummed about it. Next time guys!!!

The next morning we had some breakfast and visited more with my family and waited till around nap time to leave again since it had worked well the day before. It took a little while longer for Henry to relax and get to sleep but once he did, the ride over was pretty nice. Except for one thing, Henry would wake up anytime I changed lanes and crossed those little bumps on the white lines. So I did something I'm not proud of... I stayed in the left lane the entire time! I figured anyone with kids would understand you do whatever it takes to keep your kid quiet during a car ride! Apologies to anyone I angered on the way out there!

Snoozing away, thanks to the pretty pink ipod with soothing sounds on it and mama staying in the left lane ;)

Sorry everyone!

Playing with daddy after nap time... wud up?

I'm ready for the beach!
Once we arrived in La Jolla, we decided to suit up and head to the beach! It was warm but cloudy and Henry was in a good mood so we slathered him with sunscreen and hit the beach.

What are all these funny clothes for?

Ready to roll!

Okaaaay, what's all this about?

Mama and baby on the beach :)

Hey! What is THAT?! (he's pointing at the ocean)

Come on mama, I gotta check that out!

Walking in to the water for the first time.

Hmmm? What do I think about this?

Can you see his face? He LOVED it!!! :)

He just kept on walking! He got a bit worried when the water got higher and he had a death grip on both me and James.

Then he just sat down in the water, I think he wanted a more up close experience.

My little beach baby!

Can you see his purple lips? The water was freezing!

But he didn't care! Hey mama, can we go back over to the water please? Tomorrow kid. You are too cold!
That does it for vacation part one! :)


Ms. Stanfill's First Graders said...

Mama, looking good! Are you walking on your own now? And driving too? Wow! You rock!

Ami said...

I'm so glad Henry liked the beach!! Those are some cute photos! And the i pod? Brilliant!

Anabelle said...

Cute cute cute!
So proud of you for driving by the way.