Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Getting caught up

Now that I've finally finished posting the vacation pictures, I can post some more random pictures from the last few weeks. We've been so busy! James and I BOTH got new cars, we turned Henry's car seat around and we took him swimming :)

Henry is ready to roll in daddy's new car :)

I was so excited when we went to Henry's last Dr visit and he weighed in at exactly 20 lbs! Which in my mind, I'm thinking, yes! We can finally turn his car seat around! But then the Dr told us that the AAP now recommends kids stay rear facing until two years! I was sad, especially when I would go to take Henry out of his car seat and he'd be drenched with sweat because the air just can't get to him. Well, after talking with some friends and seeing just how uncomfortable Henry was with his feet squished up against the seat, we decided to go ahead and flip him around. He is so much happier :)

Henry LOVED the ocean, loved it! We hadn't taken him swimming in our pool in a while and decided now would be a great time. He didn't disappoint, he loved that too!

See that face? :)

Henry's favorite thing about swimming is getting out of the pool and crawling around it!

Me and my baby boy.

I'm trying to keep him in the pool here and not let him out.

And that is the face I get when I don't let him have his way. Are we starting the terrible twos already?

Now any time I even open the blinds so Henry can see the pool, he starts pointing and grunting and won't stop until we either go outside or I have to close the blinds again! Out of sight, out of mind :) He is quite the demanding little boy. No idea where he gets that from! ;)

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