Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy birthday Henry!!!

How did this year fly by so fast?! I wasn't exactly ready for it, but my baby turned one on May 28th. After all the turmoil that we went through, I wasn't sure what, if anything, I could pull off for Henry's first birthday. So instead of the fun pool party I had envisioned, we just went and hung out at Peter Piper Pizza for a few hours. Since it was short notice and a holiday weekend, we were not really expecting too many of our friends to be able to join us. We were happy that James's brother Robert and his family were able to come, along with my brother Chris and his family, my mom and sisters and our friends Jill and Amy :)

Here is Henry on his very first ride! I think it was a horse? As you can tell, he is SUPER impressed ;) I don't think that thumb came out the entire ride! Good thing we didn't take him to Disneyland this year!
Here is Henry's second ride. And this time he got to ride with a friend! Jill's son Jace was even more unimpressed than Henry! He cried and tried desperately to escape. Henry... just sucked his thumb.

The birthday boy! With pizza all over his face and a silly hat on his head. The hat lasted about 5 seconds.

Henry loves drinking like this from a straw. He looks like a little baby bird :)

My brother Chris's son Caleb. He is practicing for his own birthday which is about 11 days after Henry's! Happy birthday Caleb!

Time to sing Happy Birthday! Henry, of course, made a grab for the lit candle. Luckily someone caught him.

Ooh, what is this? He loved playing with it, but when we tried to have him taste it, he didn't like it! Whose kid is this?!

He enjoyed making a big mess out of the yummy cupcakes that my sister-in-law Leah had made for him.

He did get a bit upset when the mess wouldn't come off his hands easily. He would swipe at it and then shake his hands to try to get it off. So he liked making the mess but didn't like being messy and didn't like eating it!

Look how cute he is though! Oh and thanks for the birthday bib Ami! :)

We opened presents after we cleaned him up but for some reason, I don't have any pictures of him opening presents!!! I think I have it on the Flipcam though... That does it for our PPP experience. After a couple hours, Henry and I both needed naps! :)

After Henry had a nap and opened some more presents (again, no pics?!) it was time for more cake. My mom always made us an applesauce spice cake for our first birthdays and I begged her to make one for Henry. Here he is smashing the cake.

Eating it? Again, not so much.

See that face? Yeah, he was done with being messy!
After we rinsed him off again, I wanted to take some pictures with my birthday boy! I hardly ever get pictures with him, but by golly, I was getting a picture with him on his birthday! It took a few tries but...

We got a good one :)

We even got a good family picture!

And this was all we could manage with my sisters, he was kinda done with pics. And I now realize, I got none with my mom :(

Time for bed! It's been a long day :) Like his hair? My sisters love to punk him out!
All things considered, I think we did pretty good for Henry's first birthday :) Next year, lots of things will be better!


Nicole said...

I am super impressed you were able to pull anything off! Sorry we couldn't be there to celebrate, I was finishing and delivering a wedding cake! THe pictures you got were great! Definitely need to frame those bad boys! Happy birthday to Henry!

Anabelle said...

At least you got out and had more than 4 people at his 1st birthday! I just had my mom and 1 friend over. I am sure Henry felt loved and special and that is the most important part of any birthday.