Saturday, June 25, 2011

More beach fun!

After Henry's fun-filled beach adventure from the first day, we cleaned him up and tried to relax back at the apartment. He would have none of it! This kid LOVES to be outside and I can't blame him really. Especially when we are in La Jolla! The place we were staying had a little yard full of the greenest grass he'd ever seen. So of course, he had to play in it!

Henry playing with Auntie Em.

He would crawl back and forth between me and her. What a fun game!

Day two at the beach actually started out sunny! Now if you know La Jolla in June, it is affectionately known as June Gloom because it is always cloudy and cool. We were so excited to get a sunny day in June! Now, I'm still not sure exactly what I was thinking this day when I dressed Henry. The day before when I put on all his swim wear, it seemed like he wanted nothing to do with touching the sand. So I brought the pack and play and I figured he'd just stay in that for the vast majority of our time at the beach and only get in the water right before we left. I hadn't counted on the fact that once he saw the ocean, he'd want out of the pack and play immediately and head straight for the water. Thus began some real fun in the sun... in his clothes! D'oh!

Henry is all dressed! I didn't get any pictures of him in the pack and play because it lasted all of two seconds! Good thing I still slathered him with sunscreen!

James is trying to get Henry to play in the sand, notice where his attention is... the water!!

It's right over there! Let me GO!

And he's off!

Look Auntie Lizzie, water!

All done in the water, see the purple lips again!

Hi Grandpa! :)

Henry was absolutely captivated by my dad. So cute! I think it's the beard :)

After the beach, we played at the park. Here's Henry being super impressed by the swings ;)

Family picture! I was trying to get the crutch out of the picture, it somehow snuck it's way in, dammit. Cute pic nonetheless :)
That does it for part two!

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