Sunday, November 29, 2009

Belly pics!

So I'm posting two weeks worth of belly pics since I've finally figured out how to put more than one picture up at a time (thanks Ami!) I'm slightly embarrassed to be posting pictures of my bare belly and wearing sweatpants but I figure I better get over that real quick! There will be much more embarrassing situations coming up in the future for me so here we go!

These first two were taken 11/15/09. I am about 13 weeks and 3 days here.
White belly!!!
These two were taken on 11/28/09. Right after Thanksgiving. I am about 15 weeks an 2 days here.

I ate a lot of yummy Thanksgiving food :)
I hope all my friends who were telling me they couldn't wait for me to get big enjoy these pics! I was telling James the other day that I can't look straight down and see past my belly anymore! I can't wait for it to get bigger though :)


Ami said...

Hooray for belly pics! And good job on posting multiple pictures! You are a fast learner! If you think you can't see past your belly now, just WAIT! There will be many things you can't do with a giant belly!! Some I will not mention...

Anonymous said...

Yay! Sarah I am so happy for you! --Amy

Mary said...

I'm loving the belly : ) You look great!

Anabelle said...

Yippe!! Belly pictures! Ami's right... there will be MANY things you won't be able to do with a big belly... get out of a bathroom stall, paint your toenails, tie your shoes, put on socks. The list goes on and on. Keep the pictures coming! :)