Sunday, November 29, 2009


James has a very unpredictable work schedule. We were hoping that he would be off for Thanksgiving this year but unfortunately, he had to work. Somebody has to print all those Black Friday ads! Since he would not be able to join my family and me for Thanksgiving, we decided to do our own Thanksgiving on Sunday. I am sooooo not a good cook and James is not picky so we did a quick and easy version on Thanksgiving foods. We got a turkey breast (I was not about to stick my hand inside a frozen turkey's ass!), mashed potatoes in a box, stuffing in a box, corn in a can, Pilsbury rolls and that jelly cranberry sauce stuff. All stuff my mom would NEVER allow in her house, much less let any of us eat! Anyway, James and I slaved away and prepared all the fixings for our dinner which we ate in front of the TV. James enjoyed it and I didn't even have to do the dishes ;) I was telling my family about this so-called Thanksgiving and my sister Erin came up with a name for it... "Fakesgiving" I thought it was great and funny and totally appropriate for our fake Thanksgiving dinner. No offense to anyone who does Thanksgiving this way, it was just not the way I was raised. My mom had even trusted me to make the rolls for our real Thanksgiving. I was telling a few friends about how nervous I was to make the rolls and they looked very confused and asked... how do you MAKE rolls, don't you just buy them in a bag or make them from a tube? Ha! Not at my house! I made them from scratch and they were great! Since I have no pictures from our real Thanksgiving, please enjoy the pictures from James and my 'Fakesgiving."

Turkey breast and Pilsbury rolls, behind that mashed potatoes from a box and gravy from a pouch.
Stovetop stuffing, jelly cranberry sauce and corn from a can.
Ta-da!!! Fakesgiving 2009 :)

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Anabelle said...

Sounds like you have a new tradition on your hands! We used to never do fake mashed potatoes, but this year my mom caved and it wasn't too bad. Happy Fakesgiving!