Sunday, November 29, 2009

Nursery pics!

Pretty much since the pregnancy test came back positive, James has been hard at work getting the nursery ready. Our back bedroom has been occupied by both my friend Aimee and my sister Erin. We had it recently painted but we knew we wanted something different for a nursery. James and I looked high and low for a nursery theme that we both loved. We stumbled upon a Behr website and were lucky enough to find a cute theme we both adored. So we went with Classic Pooh. James painted the bottom half of the room in a pale green and the top with a baby blue with a chair rail in the middle and a Winnie-the-Pooh border. He even hand painted some clouds on the walls and ceiling! So cute! Once that was done we began searching for furniture. Thanks to a tip from my baby mama friend Anabelle, we found a nursery in a box from, of all places, Wal-mart! It was good quality and a great price. James got it and put it together in one day! He is going to be such a fantastic dad!!! :) So here are some pics of our nursery for now. We still have a few things we need to get but I think we're doing pretty good!

Here's the crib, we already have a mattress too!
A little dresser with matching Winnie-the-Pooh lamp.
Changing table, complete with an Eeyore from one of my students. The space to the left of the changing table will soon be filled with a glider.
One of the hand-painted clouds my talented husband did.
Close-up of the lamp. I love that everything matches!!


Anabelle said...

I think you're doing fantastic! We didn't have the crib assembled, much less a mattress until a few short weeks before Jaxon was born! Nice job my friend :)

Jen said...

Looks great and I love how well prepared you are. Girl after my own heart!

Ami Bunch said...

Hooray! All you need now is the baby! Good job, the nursery is looking adorable!

Anonymous said...

Very Cute!!! My son's room was also Classic Winnie the Pooh. His crib was in his room well before he was born but had a missing piece that wasn't fixed until he was about 3 months old.

Yasna said...

Hey dude! The nursery looks so nice! I can just picture you in there doing the mom thing. I am so happy for you and all the excitement you must be feeling as you embark on this wonderful journey! :)

Oh, and the belly pics are delightful!!