Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Second prenatal visit

You only had to wait a day or two to hear how things ended up. I had to wait two weeks! It was sooooo hard to wait that long. Thank goodness everything turned out the way it did.

So we went back to the Dr today for a check up and to review the results of all the blood they took. I was nervous again today because of the way the last visit ended up. I didn’t sleep well last night thinking about how today would go. When we got in to see the Dr, she told us that all the test results looked great and everything was going well. She was about to walk out the door without doing another ultrasound like she had said the last time she would do. I stopped her and told her of my fears and what she had said last time so she agreed to do a quickie for us. Right away you could see the little peanut was much larger than last time. She pointed out the heartbeat and then showed us the head, torso and even little hands and feet! She said everything was measuring right for the timing and the heartbeat looked perfect! WHEW! I felt a million times better after that. Now I feel like I can enjoy my pregnancy and embrace this new adventure with a more positive attitude :)

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