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Disneyland Day Three

Friday morning we decided to try out California Adventure and see if we could do Cars Land. Since it was a weekend, the park was opening earlier than the day before. It was less crowded... at first ;) 

California Adventure, deserted so early in the morning. 

Once the park opened, everyone headed to the big new ride in Cars Land, Radiator Springs Racers. Henry was too little to go it, so Erin and I took Henry on the rides he could go on while James and my mom and Emily went on the Racers. We got a rider swap again so Erin and I could go after they were done. 

 Following Lightning and Mater in to Cars Land. 

 Getting ready to ride the Racers. It was a fun ride :) Very cute! 

 A cool shot from on the Racers. 

 And another. 

Since James had the camera, I didn't get any pics of the other rides we went. Erin, Henry and I tried out Luigi's Flying tires first. Pretty cool concept, you sit in a big tire and float around on what is basically a giant air hockey table. You move by shifting your body weight around. It was cool, but kind of hard to move since we had so little weight ;) Next we hit Mater's Junkyard Jamboree. It was kind of like the spinning teacups or the ladybug ride in bug's land. Which meant, of course, Henry LOVED it! It spun in kind of a semi-circle which I liked better too :) We went on it twice in a row because there was no line :) Then when it was time for Erin and my turn on the Racers, Henry went on Mater's again with Emily and my mom. 

Weeeee! :) 

Now that we had all gone on the Racers, it was time for some rides all together. We started with King Triton's carousel. Since Henry liked the other carousel so much, we knew he'd enjoy this one too. 

 Henry picked an orange dolphin to ride on. 

 I may have been slighty loopy at this point ;) 

 Toy Story Mania. Henry wasn't a huge fan of this one.

 The Little Mermaid again. 

 Monster's Inc. 

 Me.... uh I mean, Mike from Monsters Inc. 

While we were walking around, we saw this dude from the Incredibles. I can't remember his name. Maybe it was just Mr. Incredible? Anyway, Henry didn't know him but he was watching other people take pictures with him and then he wanted to also. 

 Making muscles, so cute!!! :) 

 James, Henry, Mickey and Walt. 

 Henry and Goofy. Not sure what Goofy is wearing here. Golf outfit? 

We headed back to Disneyland to check out Toon Town. On our way in to the park, we ran into the Disneyland marching band and a few characters. Henry loved it! He was dancing in his stroller :) 

 Henry got to see Pluto again :) 

 Still can't get him to look at the camera. 

 Toon Town.

 Seeing Goofy again! Goofy was pointing to Henry's shirt because his shirt had a picture of Goofy on it :) 


 High five. 

 Me, Henry, Goofy and Erin (side note: I usually have to poke Erin to get her to smile in pictures. I did NOT have to poke her ONCE on this trip! She smiled the whole time!!! It made me happy to see her so happy :) 

 Playing the piano in Goofy's house. 

 Going down the slide at the little playground in Goofy's backyard. 

Steering Donald's boat. 

 Ahoy matey! 

 Chilling in Mickey's house :) 

 Henry enjoyed playing with everything in Mickey's house. But he was really excited to see Mickey. Luckily the line was not long at all!!! 

Yay!!! Finally a hug from Mickey!!! :) He was so happy! 

 Checking Mickey out up close :) How CUTE is that?!?

 Look, I'm on your shirt! I really wish technology would catch up so that the characters could actually talk. I know they are working on it, so hurry up! 

 Family pic with Mickey :) 

Now that we had met all the characters (Minnie was on a break, we'd see her later) it was time for the big ride in Toon Town, Gadget's Go Coaster. Henry was JUST tall enough to ride it. The requirement is 35 inches and Henry is 36 :) So far, he had LOVED all the fast spinning rides and was totally cool with the drops on Pirates. I was REALLY scared to put him on this one though. Yes, it is really tame and lasts about 30 seconds but it is super fast and has some mean banking curves to it. Everyone (including the ride dude) assured me that Henry would be just fine so we just went for it. 

Waiting to get on the ride.  

 Oh jeez, here we go! 

 He flippin' LOVED it! SO much so that when we tried to get him off, he tried to get right back on! 

 So we went on it again and this time, we got to sit in the front! Henry was on cloud nine! He laughed the entire time :) It's hard to see but if you look close in all these pictures, you can see a huge grin on his little face :) 

Time to head back to the hotel for a nap. 

 But wait... who is that?!?

 Yay! Minnie :) 

After Henry's nap, we went swimming at the hotel. But we were so excited to go down the water slides, that no one remembered a camera :*( Whoops. Oh well, needless to say, Henry loved that too :) With swimming done, it was time for our next big adventure, Mickey's Halloween Party! This is something new we decided to try. They shut down the park for regular stuff and set up tons of decorations, treat stations and have special Halloween parades and fireworks. The cool thing was, you could dress in costumes! We asked Henry a while back what he wanted to be and he replied, without hesitation, Buzz! So we got him a cute little Buzz Lightyear costume :) James, of course, went as Woody. That left me to be Jesse. My Jesse costume came in the mail the day before we left for Disneyland. However, it was labeled wrong online so when it arrived, it was a bit smaller than it was supposed to be. It was a child's Jesse costume! D'oh! Oh well, I was never that in to dressing for Halloween anyway. I got to be the official photographer since I was un-costumed ;) James and I had no idea what we were in store for so we just kind of wandered the park and checked out the cool decorations. We waited in line at one of the trick or treat stations and decided those lines were too long for such a small amount of candy. So we decided to just ride some rides and check out the shows and fireworks. As we were walking towards one of Henry's favorite rides, Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters, we ran right in to a dance party! 

Woody and Buzz dancing.  

 And who did we run in to?! Buzz Lightyear! Henry was so excited!! 

Buzz, Woody and little Buzz :) 

We tried to walk past the ride to ask a cast member what time the fireworks were and Henry starts pulling on us and pointing, saying, go defeat Zurg! He was all about that ride! We rode it once and then he wanted to go again, so we did. The nice dude at the ride remembered us and just let us stay on the ride so we didn't have to walk the line queue again :) We rode it three times in a row! 

Getting ready to defeat Zurg!  

 How cool does the castle look all spooky? 

 The Haunted Mansion was all decked out as Nightmare before Christmas. The line was ridiculous so we skipped it. We had seen it the day before and Henry wasn't a fan so it was all good. It did look awesome though. 

 This is either Pirates or Winnie the Pooh. We went on both while we waited for the parade and fireworks. 

 Watching the parade. 

 It was pretty cool to see the characters dressed up for Halloween too :) 

Time for fireworks! I was excited for Henry to see the fireworks because we missed them on fourth of July. Disneyland fireworks are always awesome and they did not disappoint! 

 They had an inflatable pop out of the castle that they projected images on. Super cool! I think this is Jack Skellington. 

 We were in a spot that was partially blocked by trees but I was ok with it because that meant less people and Henry could actually see better :) 

 They also projected images on the castle itself. Really cool. 

Henry was not as impressed with the fireworks as I had hoped. I think he was just tired and the fireworks were really bright. We decided to bolt after the fireworks. Everyone else had the same idea. 

Look at all those people! Dude, I am outta here! 

 Goodnight Disneyland :) 

Next up, our last day in Disneyland. 

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