Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Disneyland Day Two

Round two! I'm not sure exactly when my extreme aversion to crowds started. I mean, I've never really liked crowds but I feel like in the last few years, maybe since Henry, it's gotten much worse. In order to avoid at least some part of the ridiculous crowds at Disneyland, we got up extra early. James got up before everyone else to go stake out our spot in line. He likes to be the first in line and I like to be ahead of the crowds :)  

Rare pictures of California Adventure with NO people! 

 Ditto for Disneyland. Ahhhh! If only it could stay this way! 

 No such luck. Do you see all those people behind us?!?!? (Side note: Check out the shirts! James made us all matching Disneyland shirts! They are so cute, we got pictures taken by the Disneyland photographers but that will have to be another post later on :) 

 An empty Disneyland. We were headed to one of our favorite rides, Peter Pan. 

 First in line at Peter Pan, oh yeah! 

 Hard to get pics on this ride, it is really dark:) 

Next up was Dumbo :) Henry loves the movie so I was excited to see how he'd react to seeing the ride. 


 Yeah, who is excited here? ;) 

 Trying to get Henry to look at the camera! I don't blame him, there is so much to look at!  

Henry got a look at the carousel and it was all he could talk about. Want to go ride horse, he kept saying over and over. So it was time for Henry to go ride a horse :) 

Riding all by himself! What a big boy! 

Since Henry loved the spinning ladybug ride so much, we knew we just HAD to go on the teacups! Did I mention how much I hate spinning rides? Gulp, that's just how much I love that boy! 

 Spinning!!! Yay!!! :) Could he BE any happier?!

Alice in Wonderland was next :) 

Then it was time for what turned out to be Henry's favorite ride, Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters ! 

Then Henry caught a glimpse of the Autopia cars. Yeah, he wanted to do that too! 

 The one pic we got on that ride :) 

After getting through all those little kids rides, James and I were ready for a big kid ride :) So we headed for Splash Mountain! We sent my mom and sisters through and got a rider swap ticket (awesome  if you have a little one, you don't have to stand in line twice!). While we waited for the others to get through the ride, we spotted some friends to pass the time with :) 

 Henry meeting Tigger (or tiger as he calls him :) 

 Kind of looking and almost smiling. 

 James and his namesake ;) 

 Family pic with Pooh.

James and I went on Splash Mountain while my mom and sisters took Henry for some lunch. It was some nice down time for him after such an eventful morning. While Henry was occupied, James and I took the opportunity to check out the new Star Tours too. Let's just say, I miss the original. 

 The Astro Orbiter was right by Star Tours so when James and I were done, we met the others for this ride. I was a little bit done with the spinning around rides so I let auntie Em take this while I sat out.

Waiting in line. 

 I might have been a little tired ;) 

 Auntie Em and Henry, he was barely tall enough to see over the top ;) 

Henry was ready for a nap at this point so James and I headed for the hotel. But as luck would have it, we ran in to some more photo ops that we could not pass up. 

 Henry LOVED the giant Mickey pumpkin! 

 And he was so excited to finally see Donald Duck. But not as excited as he was to see... 

 Mickey Mouse! Finally the big guy himself! Mickey was in a hurry so we didn't get too much time with him. We would see him again later :) 

Henry took a nice long nap. I had to wake him up or else he would have never gone to sleep that night. When we got back to the park there were just a few more rides I thought Henry would enjoy. 

First up? The Jungle Cruise! Henry loves animals so I thought he might like this and he did! 

 Our fabulous (boy was he ever!) skipper. 

 Checking out the "wildlife." 

 My favorite, the back side of water!!! ;) 

 Finally, we hit it's a small world.

I am sure there were other things we did this day... but I don't have pictures of them so I can't remember :) 

 Goodnight Disneyland! See you bright and early again tomorrow! 

Next up, Cars Land! :) 

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Ami said...

Great job on all the blogs!! I'm totally living Disneyland vicariously through you all!! This will be good information for me when we decide to take the triplets! :)