Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Jump, jump!

My friend Nicole saw this idea on Pinterest and it looked like so much fun that a group of us decided to try it :) 

Never mind that between the six of us, we've had TEN kids and our weddings were what seems like lifetimes ago! We got together for a "Friends night." We all love the TV show Friends and had been talking about just getting together to chill and watch our favorite show. Why not do it while wearing wedding dresses, like in one of the episodes? :) Now I am NOT a photographer and I tried to be totally cool and just sneak my camera next to Ami's but my shots did not turn out quite as good. We had to set the cameras on the floor to get a good shot and then hit the timer and hope for the best. It was quite comical and I don't think I got a good shot in the entire bunch but I am still posting lots of them because really, they are hilarious! We were just having fun :) 

So we are: Anabelle, me, Nicole, Ami, Mary and half of Nicole's sister Danielle. This is the very first shot we did, not bad but this angle cut out most of Danielle :( 

 Check out that vertical leap on Ami! 

 This is a good shot to point out that Anabelle is not really wearing her actual wedding dress. She had hers sealed so she wasn't able to open it. She is wearing a $15 dress from Savers :) It is a bit big on her so she is trying to hold it up! 

 Yay! You can actually see Danielle in this one :) 

 Again, Ami, wow! Don't you just love the gigantic smiles on all of our faces?! We were having a little too much fun :) 

 Mary, takes this one! 

 I might be the only actually jumping here! It was so funny trying to get everyone on the same jump count and then we would all just start laughing. 

 Might have been getting a bit loopy here... Nicole! 

 So... tired... from jumping! 

 Ok, one more jump! 

We had the cameras on a ten frame shot. So it took ten pictures all at once and then we could run back to check out the pictures. After I looked at mine and noticed the angle was off, I tried to fix it... but I overcompensated and now the girls on the other side are cut off. D'oh! Maybe I can edit the pictures and take everyone's best and put them together? And by I, I mean James :) 

Look, there's Danielle! But Anabelle and I are now gone ;) 

 Nicole might be saying, I'm gonna pee my pants! 

Not exactly like the picture on Pinterest but it was fun :) And now I am going to work on my jumping in my wedding dress skills for the next time... Yes, there will be a next time! I am not giving up just yet. I may even go Anabelle's route and find a dress to use just for taking ridiculous pictures :) Think James will go for it??? 

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