Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Visit in Yuma

James and I have been planning a trip for fall break since last summer. When we were in the car accident, some things changed for us. We were thankful and happy to be alive. We wanted to celebrate life and also thank my mom and my sisters for dropping everything to come and help us. What better place to celebrate than Disneyland?!? James and I have always loved Disneyland. We had our Honeymoon there and went back twice more before having Henry. Now that Henry was big enough to enjoy it, we thought fall break would be the perfect time for Henry's first trip :) So we invited my mom and sisters along, loaded up the car and headed off! First stop was in Yuma. This leg of the trip was bittersweet for me. We were happy to be seeing my aunt Karen and uncle Mark again, but this was the first time I had been to Yuma since my grandma's passing. It seemed very strange to be in Yuma and not see my grandma. When we pulled in to my uncle's driveway, Henry immediately said, go see uncle Mark, go up the stairs, play with cars! This kid has the memory of an elephant! He remembered, not only where we were and who we were seeing but he remembered everything he played with while he was there the last time! After sitting in the car for four hours, Henry was thrilled to be out and running around :) 

Yay!!! Running with auntie Em. 


 Henry loved running over this little bridge. 

 Uncle Mark had a kumquat tree in his front yard. Henry enjoyed finding and picking kumquats :) 

 So innocent. 

What a huge grin! 

Seriously, this girl could be a model :) 

 Henry couldn't. Not because he isn't cute enough, he just can't sit still! 

 Auntie Zee Zee and Henry up on the roof of my uncle's place. 

 Up against the wall kid! 

 Mama and baby :) 

 Uncle Mark brought out a bright pink tricycle for Henry to play with. Uncle Mark has only granddaughters so this was it for Henry, luckily he didn't mind :) 

 Me trying to be artistic :) 

 Auntie Em and nana. 

 James and uncle Mark in a deep conversation about... I really don't know. 

 Then uncle Mark busted out the guitar! 

 Henry was enthralled. 

 Henry even got to play it! 


 Goodnight uncle Mark! Thanks for the jam session! 

 And a big hug for aunt Karen! 

 Thanks for letting us crash at your pad before we hit Disneyland! 

We went to bed pretty early. One, because Henry skipped his nap because he was too excited to sleep and two, because the next day we had BIG plans! DISNEYLAND! Goodnight :) 

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