Tuesday, October 2, 2012

We got a new camera! :)

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaack! We are on fall break so it is time to catch up on blogging again :) James got us a nice new camera in preparation for our Disneyland trip so we had to try it out on our favorite little subject... Henry! That little boy is so cute and smart but when it comes to doing two important things at once, looking at the camera and smiling, that boy just can't get it together! Please enjoy the many pictures we could capture :) 

First up, pictures of one of our nightly walks. 

Henry's favorite spot to stop and relax, or stand on the table, whatever. 

 Looking at the camera! 

 And smiling! See, he never does both at the same time! 

 Next photo op, my dad and brother Matt's birthday celebrations in Sierra Vista.

Cute boy at church. 

 Henry giving his cousin Sean a nice big hug! 

 And knocking him over! 

 Auntie Em, Henry, Sean and Auntie Kenya. 

 Two little trouble makers!

 So cute together! 

 After nap time, it was time to play in the back yard. 

 Sometimes I wonder if their feet ever touch the ground, they run so fast! 

 They did a great job taking turns :) 

 Too cute! 

 Could he BE any happier?!

 Henry loved sitting with his cousin Starla while presents were opened. 

 Sean showing nana the cards. 

 When it was time to go, Sean gave everyone hugs and kisses :) Auntie Em first. 

 Then a big smooch for me :) 

 And Auntie Zee Zee 

Our next adventure is popsicle time! Henry biffed it hard on one of our walks and hit his eye pretty bad. In order to get him to walk all the way back home after it happened, I promised him a popsicle! You'd think I promised him gold! He was so excited, he forgot all about his boo-boo and booked it back home to get his reward! :) 


Looking at the camera and smiling!! Score! 

One of my all time favorites!! :) 

 This one is for nana :) 

Then of course, we had to clean up with the garden hose! 

That does it for the first found of pictures from our new camera :)

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Well, welcome back! I thought you had forgotten your password. :)