Sunday, October 7, 2012

Disneyland Last Day

Sadly, we come to our last day in Disneyland. We had done just about everything we had wanted to do but there were a few things we still needed to do and a few things we wanted to do again :) 

Last empty view of Disneyland.

 Henry knows this castle all too well now :) 

 The majestic peaks of Matterhorn Mountain (the old school monorail always had that as part of it's spiel). We rode the Matterhorn twice this day thanks to nana taking Henry on Peter Pan and Dumbo :) 

 Finding Nemo was the last big ride we wanted to do for Henry. He saw the big yellow subs the first day and totally wanted to do it but the lines were always so flippin' long. So here we go, first in line! Henry loved it :) 

Erin still hadn't gotten to do a ride solo with Henry and Henry wanted to do the teacups again. I sat this one out and Auntie Zee Zee took Henry on the teacups :) 

Last spin (ha ha!) on the teacups. 

 Another spin on the carousel, this time with dada :) 

 Trying to figure out how it works :) 

We simply can not have a trip to Disneyland without a castle pic!! Here are a few :) 

Since Pirates was our first ride, we wanted it to be the last one we all went on together :) 

Keep an eye on those two coffees. Now you see them...  

Now you don't! My mom smuggled coffees on Pirates of the Caribbean! Emily said it was nice having coffee with pirates! 

 Auntie Zee Zee and Henry! By the end of this trip, each of us had taken Henry on this ride. That means Henry went on Pirates like five times! 

Last time on Winnie the Pooh. 

We headed back to Toon Town one last time. 

Mom and Em in Toon Town.  

 Minnie was at her house this day so we checked it out. 

Minnie's bed. 

 Minnie's mirror. 

 Hugs with Minnie. 

 Family pic with Minnie. 

Then, of course, we had to ride the coaster again and again. By the end of this trip, each of us had taken Henry on this ride too. That means Henry went on the coaster like five times! :) Look closely again for the smiles of pure joy! 

 Goodbye Toon Town! 

Check out was at 11:00 am so James, Emily and I had to head back to the hotel to pack up and check out. Henry, nana and Erin stayed with Henry in Toon Town so he could get in some more play time. I wanted to get some last shots of some cool things that Henry enjoyed in our awesome suite at the Disneyland Hotel :) 

The lamps in the bathroom. Henry called them Handy Helpers :) 

 The lamp shades :) 

 The sinks in the bathroom. 

 The headboard... I wonder if they sell these somewhere cuz I want one! 

Seriously, how cool is that?

 Our room number.

 One last view from our room over to Disneyland. 

The hotel allows guests to check out but leave their stuff with the bell desk and stay at the park till the end of the day! Score! So after we packed up and checked out, we actually went BACK one last time :)  

 James wanted to check out Captain EO... I had seen it back in the day so I skipped out :)

The rest of us headed over to the Big Thunder Ranch. They had yummy all you can eat BBQ and live music! Plus we ran in to one more friend we hadn't seen yet... 


 Big hug! 

 Last character picture and he is looking and smiling!!! Yay! Only took four days :) 

It was a Saturday and super crowded so we were ready to leave at this point. We checked out Tarzan's Treehouse on our way out so Henry could maybe burn up some energy going and up and down all those steps :) 


 Going across the bridge. 

 Steering the treehouse? 

 Making some noise! 

 And he is out! 

 Goodbye Disneyland! We'll see you in a few years! 

Henry was so tired, he slept the entire way to the beach :) I think our first trip to Disneyland was an amazing success. Henry got to do so much and had so much fun. Plus it was so awesome to see Disneyland through the eyes of a two year old. I teared up a few times thinking about all the times I had come as a kid and how cool it is that I am here with my baby! I hope he remembers at least some things from this trip. If nothing else, just the feelings that he had while he was here. Happiness, joy, excitement, amazement, love. 

So many people helped so much with this trip. It would not have been nearly as successful without all of you! I feel like I am giving an acceptance speech! James, thank you for helping to plan, organize, load, unload, carry, stand in line and do crowd control for me :) Mom, thank you for helping me get ready for a trip with a two year with all your advice. Thank you for taking Henry on rides while I had some time for me. Erin, thank you for sticking with me and helping with Henry soooo much! Emily, thank you for helping with Henry and taking him on all the spinning rides I hate :) You all are amazing and Henry and I are SO lucky to have you all!!! 

Lastly, I have to thank my baby boy. Henry, I was so nervous taking you to Disneyland for the first time but you FAR surpassed my expectations! You were SO good on this trip! You were great in the car on the way over, you played so nicely with my aunt and uncle, you met the characters with slight trepidation but overcame your fear within hours, went on ALL the rides without so much as a whimper, LOVED so many rides, laughed with delight at the fast, spinning and dropping rides, napped in the stroller, slept in a cramped pack and play, got up early, stayed up late, ate strange foods, walked long distances, ran through the park like you owned it, rolled with all the punches time and again, enjoyed parades, fireworks and world of color even though it was bright and noisy, and just showed pure joy at the tiniest things. You would stop and point out every tree and every body of water, big or small. You would enjoy just running for the sake of running. You stopped in the middle of Cars Land with so much going on around you and played for like 20 minutes on a metal grate in the middle of the street! People stopped to watch you, just because you were having so much fun :) Thank you for being such an amazing little boy and showing me how much fun life can truly be! You are the light of my life little boy! I love you soooooo much!!! :) 

Next up, the beach! 

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