Monday, January 18, 2010

Baby shower #1

My sister-in-law, Kenya is having her baby in less than a month! We had her baby shower this weekend at my mom's house. Since my mom isn't into playing games, she was in charge of the food and I was in charge of the decorations and the games! It was really fun for me to be the one "in charge" not only because, well let's face it, I love bossing people around, but also then I got to see all the fun! We played, fill-in the nursery rhyme (which I stole from Jill's shower, thanks Jaymee!), famous mothers and fathers, guess the baby food, and my personal favorite, guess the melted candy bar in the diaper (thank you Ami for the diapers!). Note to anyone planning a shower anytime soon, don't put the diapers in the microwave for too long, the diapers WILL melt!!! Lizzie and I melted just one and boy, did it smell bad! We learned our lesson after that and everything else was fine! I think everyone had a good time and Kenya got A LOT of really cute stuff! It was hard to get some good pics cuz I was running around like crazy but here are some I had a chance to snap.

Here is the adorable cake my mom got. It was so yummy :)
Here's the fun diaper game, that's Kenya smashing a diaper in her friend's face! Classic :)
Yum! Look at all those dirty diapers!
Baby food guessing, taste it! ;)
Some people were brave enough to taste them.
Some people were a little TOO excited to taste them!
Here try this one, it's the best! :)
Whew! One shower done, two more to go! I think my mom has washed her hands of all future showers so if anyone wants to help me do mine, I'd appreciate the help :)


Ami said...

Ooh! Ooh! I will! Just tell me the date! :)

Sarah said...

march 13th? i think :)

Jaymee said...

I will help!!! I LOVE doing showers!!!!! But it would have to be a different date... March 13th is Devynn's birthday: )

Nicole said...

I will do your cake:) DOn't worry, I will buy a super cute one if it sucks..but I do want to practice first so I will need a date and a theme! If you don't want me to, no worries...just TELL ME!!!

Sarah said...

nicole, i'd LOVE for you to do the cake!!! i'm not sure if there is a theme but our nursery is classic pooh if that helps! love ya! :)