Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Oooh toes!!!

I have a few pet peeves. One of the many, is unpainted toenails (on girls!). Yes, it is winter and most, if not all of the time, my toes are covered and no one can see my toes anyway but it still bugs me. I guess it must have been a while since I've done my toes because this time around seemed very difficult. Being almost 23 weeks pregnant, my tummy has bulged quite a bit in the past few weeks. It makes it quite difficult to get down to reach my toes so... I had James help me out. As most of you know, I have a problem with other people touching my feet. Anabelle had to drag me to get my first pedicure and I was a wreck the whole time. James is totally fine with touching my feet but I am NOT fine with having him touch my feet! Luckily, I was just desperate enough to get through the process without kicking James in the face! He was pretty good at it too :) I'm wondering if I can register for pedicures cuz Lord knows, it's only going to get more difficult to paint my toes. Speaking of registering, James and I finally registered! If you are curious, we are registered at Target :) Here's a pic of my ugly toes that my wonderful husband painted so nicely for me. Thanks honey!! :)

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