Tuesday, January 26, 2010

These are my happy thoughts

My friend Nicole tagged me on her blog http://mikkfam.blogspot.com/ to do a list of ten things that make me happy. It reminded me of Peter Pan!

Now if only my happy thoughts could make me fly too ;) Here we go...

1. Being pregnant. I LOVE being pregnant, most of the time. My very favorite time of the day is late at night when I lay down to go to sleep. This is when baby boy decides to wake up. I LOVE feeling him kick, punch, roll, etc... I can feel him at other points during the day but I love this time the best because I can just lay there and feel and talk to the baby :)

2. James. He makes me happy every day. Even on days I don't get to see him, he will call, text, leave me notes, etc... It's the little things that just melt me. One day I was listening to the radio and heard a new DMB song that I immediately loved. The very next day, I got into my car and James had downloaded the song onto my ipod and it began playing the song when I turned on my car. It was so sweet!

3. My family. I can talk to both of my parents anytime about anything and they are there for me. My siblings can help lift my mood with a simple quote or memory from the past. And when we ALL get together, watch out! Good times :)

4. My friends. I have a lot of great, wonderful, caring, generous, funny friends. We can get together for nothing and have a blast!

5. Teaching. Granted, I severely dislike when my alarm goes off at 6:00 so I can get to teaching but once I'm there, it really makes me happy. Kids are hilarious! Even if I am in the worst mood ever, the kids can say something silly and I laugh and smile and before I know it, I'm in a much better mood.

6. Good food. Lately, I've had to eat things that are good for me and sometimes not so great tasting so when I get to eat something good, it is soooooo good! I look forward to the evenings and weekends when I can give in to my cravings. Who knew food could taste so good?!?!

7. Comfy clothes. Being pregnant has downsides too. One of them being, I'm uncomfortable in most clothes. Even nice maternity clothes are not so comfy sometimes. Those big waistband are hideous and big baggy tops are too great either. The first thing I do when I get home is put on a pair of James's pajama pants and a tank top. Ahhhhh! If I could wear this all day and get away with it, I would!

8. DOOL. Right after I put on my comfy clothes, I watch DOOL. It's relaxing. Stupid, but relaxing. And insanely entertaining.

9. Surfing. No not that kind, I'm not that talented. I mean, internet surfing. I like checking my Facebook, gossip sites, blogs I'm addicted to, etc... :) When I have the energy, I love blogging myself too.

10. Bed. As much as I love my life right now, I love crawling into bed at the end of the day. It's comfy, cozy and warm. On really fabulous days, I don't have to get up early and I can sleep in. This past weekend, I was so exhausted from the week that James and I spent a whole day in bed. It was fan-freakin-tastic!

So there you have it, a short list of some things that make me happy :) Your turn!!!

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Nicole said...

I love bed too...oh I how I miss sleeping. Loved the list:)