Friday, January 1, 2010

What a difference five years makes!

James and I have spent six New Year's Eves together now. Our first, from 04-05 is pictured below. Note the crazy short skirt and the ridiculous blond hair.
This was from the infamous red and black party thrown at Mary's house. Things got a little crazy that year. Long story short, it involved Irish car bombs, lots of shots, firefighters, IV's and a DAMN good time! If anyone had told me then that James and I would end up married and expecting a baby by the 09-10 New Year's Eve, I NEVER would have believed them! Things certainly have changed, for the better, I think :) Note the lack of short anything and the non-dyed hair. We also had a make-shift 2010 sign drawn on our Magnadoodle! Awesome! :)
Needless to say, things were much calmer this year. We spent the evening at home with my little sister Lizzie. She and James played Mario and I watched Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve! Funnily enough, we actually had fun! No alcohol at all and I had fun! See, different is good! I wouldn't have it any other way. Enjoy the pics from our kick-ass par-tay!!! ;)

Liz and James playing Mario. Daisy was lending moral support.
Me and Liz. Note the lack of smile...
Aha! There it is! A rare smile from Lizzie :)
James, clearly very happy to become a dad in 2010 :)
Me and baby boy, ringing in the new year!
Enjoying my sparkling French berry lemonade. Not quite as fun but yummy nonetheless :)
2010 will be a great year, the year we get to meet our baby boy :)


Jaymee said...

I agree! 2010 will be AMAZING!!! I can not wait to meet your lil man: )

Ami said...

Yes! Quite a difference 5 years makes! But life is much better now! Oh and watch that a gun shot I see in the background??.... :)

Anabelle said...

How cute your 2010 sign is! Different is good! We all felt great for the first time on New Year's Day!

Nicole said...

I am with ya! 5 years, 2 babies later... never would have thought!