Saturday, January 30, 2010

Nursery update

When we first found out I was pregnant, we looked for a theme we both liked. We settled on Classic Pooh since it seemed like there was a lot of it out there. So we painted and put on the matching wallpaper. I was really excited to have everything match. And then... we went to register at Target and guess what line got discontinued, yep Classic Pooh! All the stuff that I had seen and loved was no where to be seen. Damn, now what? We registered for everything else and hoped we could find stuff to match the paint and wallpaper online somewhere. Luckily, the Classic Pooh stuff was still available online. So instead of registering for it and hoping someone would go online and buy it for us, or running the risk of them running out, we decided to just go ahead and get it. We ended up getting the comforter and sheet set, with a matching dust ruffle and mobile. I'm glad we got it, it is soooo cute! Here are some pics of us making up the crib, perhaps a bit early seeings how I'm only 24 weeks but I like being prepared :) Making a crib is even more difficult than making the bed, which I hate! So I'm thinking this may end up being James's job full-time too ;)

Tying the bumper on.
The matching sheets, so cute!
Bumper and sheets.
The whole thing, have I mentioned how much I like that it all matches??? :)
The mobile.
My mom came by to see the nursery and mentioned how there is nothing for anyone to get us now, we've gotten it all ourselves! I said, soooo not true! We have lots we still need to get! But at least we've put a good dent in it! :)

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Ami said...

It is adorable!! You're like need the instant gratification too! That's okay, it makes the wait even more fun! Yes, making cribs is the WORST! I know! I have to do 3 of them!!! Tell your mom you'll always need diapers! :)