Friday, December 28, 2012

Catch up time

Winter break means I get to catch up on blogging :) There are so many pictures between Fall break and Winter break so you'll have to bear with my through some random pictures but trust me, they are all cute :) 

Fall gave us some exceptional nice weather so we were outside a LOT. Henry loves being outside.

Henry being pushed on his swing by James. I am not worthy enough of pushing him. He asks for dada every time! Look at that smile!

 Not smiling here but that's only because he spotted the camera. He still can NOT look at the camera and smile. You'll see. 

 Practicing with his sidewalk chalk. 

 Ghost in hand, of course. James's co-worker Monica (who is so super nice!) gave Henry this ghost and he was obsessed with it. 

 Trying to trace himself. 

 Such a silly boy! 

 Action shot is the only way to go, looking and smiling :) 

 We really wanted to take Henry to a pumpkin patch this year to get a pumpkin. I didn't want to trek all the way out to Apple Annie's and didn't feel like paying an arm and a leg at Buckalew so my mom told me about this place near them called the Little Family Farm. It's on highway 90 on the way to Sierra Vista so my mom and my niece and nephew could come with us! Score! It was the cutest little place with the nicest people. Henry LOVED it and STILL asks to go there like every day.

First up, a horse drawn wagon ride. 

 Henry was so excited!

 It was a little bouncy so he was a bit unsure at first. 

 But he quickly warmed up thanks to super auntie Em! 

 Lots of pumpkins for picking. 

 Seriously, how cute is this?!

 Me with my boy.

After our first ride, my mom, Sean and Starla showed up. The super nice wagon dude took us all around again, yay! 

Nana and Sean 

 Trying to show Henry the pumpkins. 

After our second ride, Henry was ready to see some of the animals at the little petting zoo they had. 

He was way braver than I thought, he fed the goats all by himself. 

 The goats loved him because he was right at their level and was generous with the bread :) 

 Chickens or turkeys, not sure but Henry had fun chasing them. 

 Hey, why did you all run away?

 More bread! 

 Checking out the alpaca. Like a llama but not. 

 Then it was time to find a pumpkin. 

 Henry and Sean, of course, wanted the first one they got to... and every one after that. 

 Smart nana got a wagon to carry the pumpkins.

 Henry wanted to help pull the wagon. 



 more running! He was like a blur! 

 Then Henry and Sean ganged up to try and pick up a big pumpkin. 

 They failed, so they moved on to a smaller one. 

 These two are so cute together! 

 The kids finally picked the "perfect" pumpkins. Then there was also a little hay maze. I loved that it was low enough that the kids could see where they were going. 

 Hmmm, where do I go now? 

 Almost there!

 I did it! He ran through at least five more times. 

 Henry, Starla and Sean

 You should have seen us trying to get Henry and Sean to look at the dang camera and smile! 

 Lost cause, but still cute! 

 Off to pay for our pumpkins. 

 Sean wanted to take the pumpkins to the car all by himself :) 

We had so much fun! After the pumpkin fun we went back to nana and papa's for a bit before heading home. My parents have a nice piano that the kids LOVE to play! 

 Future concert pianists :) 

Henry and I left SV and headed back home. I guess I didn't feel like I got enough pictures so I decided to take a crap-ton more :) Enjoy! 

Not sure where but Henry somehow got the idea that you eat pumpkins like apples. He tried taking a bite out of his pumpkin.


 Then he got tired of sitting by the pumpkin so he decided to climb over it. 

 Look, ma! No hands! :) 

Henry gets a bit obsessed with things. Once he sets his mind on something, he wants to have it all the time. So when I took the pumpkin and put it up on the counter, he wanted it back in a big way. 

Why is the pumpkin way up there?!

 I am SO getting that pumpkin! 

 I almost had it!! 

 This is just a random shot of Henry wearing James's hat :) 

Henry was having so much fun with all the Halloween stuff. He LOVED ghosts, pumpkins, skeletons, etc... So I decided to make some Halloween cookies with him. I actually went to Michael's (Shocker, I know!) and got some Halloween cookie cutters and decorations. 

My little helper :)  

 Henry discovered that sprinkles were way yummy so he'd put some on the cookies and them some in his mouth :) 

 Not bad for a two year old! 

 Whoo-hoo! I am the best! 

 Nana and auntie Em came to help. 

 How about this one nana?

 Sprinkles are awesome!! 

 Oh yeah, I was there too :) 

 Black sprinkles, oh yeah. 


Henry loves to help James with any kind of project involving any kind of tools. If James goes into the garage, Henry is all over it! 

 I think they were doing something with the gate in the backyard? 

 I am working really hard here ma. 

 Nuts and bolts... or something. 

Ok, next up, Halloween! Yes, Halloween in December :)

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